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Business Briefs

Business Briefs

By Biomass Magazine



What's in Store for Biomass Power in 2022

By Carrie Annand


2022 a Banner Year for Biomass

By Carrie Annand and Julee Malinowski-Ball


Nearly a year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Biomass Magazine examines the impact this event has had on global pellet markets, particularly in Europe.

Berlin, New Hampshire, is working with its local biomass plant on a project to make use of the facility's abundant waste heat.

After a decade-plus pursuit, some biomass-based power generators will have the opportunity to participate in the federal Renewable Fuel Standard program.

Archaea Energy is prioritizing RNG facilities at many of the U.S.'s 2,500 landfill sites.

While there are some hurdles to overcome, Arctic and Subarctic governments such as the Northwest Territories are working to replace fossil fuels with bioenergy—including modern wood heat and renewable diesel.


Researchers from the U.S. DOE's Feedstock-Conversion Interface Consortium and Feedstock Logistics Program describe feedstock variability and why it matters for biorefinery operations.

The development of bioenergy projects is so variable and filled with uncertainty that it's easy to give up on any kind of organization or structure in the process.

Biomass Magazine chats with KESCO founder and president Jason Kessler.

Mid-South Engineering's Vice President Scott Stamey has more than 20 years of experience working with projects in the building products and biomass energy industries. Below, he highlights five critical design components when it comes to designing mat

The manure supply agreement is among the most heavily negotiated documents in a renewable natural gas project.

The systematic “snapshots� of fiber prices captured by the Forisk Wood Fiber Review help us identify and point to sources of pain and opportunity.

Mid-South has provided engineering services for many large pellet facilities in the U.S., projects ranging from minor upgrades and troubleshooting to complete facility design on both greenfield and brownfield projects

Biochar produced from railroad ties

Biochar's Role in Farming and Soil Health

By Stephen Smith and Russel Peterson

Incorporation of biochar into farm soils improves soil quality, increases farm productivity, and reduces chemical needs.


Biomass Magazine's final guest of its inaugural podcast season was Andrew White, CEO of CHAR Technologies.

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