Inside August 2009


MSW Spells Self-Sufficiency for Isle of Wight Residents

BY Lisa GibsonU.K. island uses gasification technology to turn municipal solid waste into power , bringing it closer to energy independence. READ MORE

Aquatic Biomass in the Gasification Equation

BY Anna AustinUtilizing a technology developed at the U.S. DOE's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Utah-based Genifuel Corp. is working to gasify aquatic biomass into natural gas for use in pipelines and power generation. READ MORE

Gasification Creates Clean Energy, Economic Opportunities

BY Lisa GibsonA gasification technology developed for railroad ties will provide a clean way to dispose of the creosote-treated materials, and create jobs and energy for aboriginal communities. READ MORE

A Colossal Conversion

BY Anna AustinXcel Energy is converting the last coal-fired boiler at Bay Front Power Plant in Ashland, Wis., to run solely on biomass. Through the implementation of a gasification technology, it will become the largest biomass-fired power plant in the Midwest. READ MORE


Gasification Technologies: Making Second-Generation Biofuels a Reality

BY Marie-Helene LabrieEnerkem's gasification technology provides a solution for some of the challenges facing cellulosic ethanol producers, including high manufacturing cots and the volume of feedstock required. READ MORE

Filling a Need: Forest Plantations for Bioenergy in the Southern US

BY Ronalds Gonzalez, Dr. Jeff Wright and Dr. Daniel SThe growing number of renewable energy projects in the Southern U.S. utilizing woody biomass will require the development of short-rotation bioenergy plantations. READ MORE

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