Inside February 2011


Powerful Crops

BY Multiple studies tout the potential of energy crops to contribute to a fossil fuel-free lifestyle. But barriers block the path in most countries treading it. READ MORE

Full Service Energy Farm

BY Established by a family-owned greenhouse vegetable business, New Energy Farms plans to wear several hats in the global miscanthus energy market. READ MORE

Energizing Marginal Lands

BY Lisa GibsonPlanting energy crops on marginal lands could offer landowners a way to supplement current yields, and multiple ongoing tests seek to determine just how viable the practice could be. READ MORE


Harvesting Forest Renewables Sustainably

BY Mike Schmidt Harvesting woody biomass is ‘preventive medicine’ for our forests and just what the doctor ordered for timber-dependent communities. READ MORE

BCAP Relaunch Should Bring New Biomass Producers into the Supply Chain

BY Daniel Simon and Tom Kimmerer The redesigned Biomass Crop Assistance Program may have some shortcomings when it comes to funding and longevity, but it still provides significant opportunities for making new biomass materials economically viable for energy production. READ MORE

Industry News

A ‘Biomess’ in Massachusetts

BY Lisa GibsonThe commonwealth's final RPS qualification standards are overdue. READ MORE

Eucalyptus Utopia

BY Lisa GibsonDow will begin to use eucalyptus in Brazil, as the country continues to make meaningful use of the tree in its bioenergy sector. READ MORE

BCAP Recap

BY It has been an eventful few months for BCAP. READ MORE

Practice Makes Perfect

BY Anna AustinTexas company embarks on second AD project. READ MORE

Time is Not on EPA’s Side

BY Lisa GibsonThe agency is allowed only a one-month extension to rework the final boiler MACT rule. READ MORE

Bagasse Power

BY Sugar makers have a sweet power advantage. READ MORE

Mapping it Out

BY Wisconsin groups develop bioenergy atlas. READ MORE

Biogas Growth

BY Lisa GibsonGE’s global reach gives it a bird’s eye view of biogas industry trends. READ MORE

Tailoring Triumph

BY Lisa GibsonEPA seems to have listened to the concerns surrounding its Tailoring Rule, and has announced a three-year deferment of compliance for biogenic sources. READ MORE