Inside March 2011


China’s Crop Residue Capacity

BY Lisa GibsonAlthough using crop residues for centralized power facilities in China would bring higher costs than their continued use in households, the prospect has enormous potential that is already being realized. READ MORE

Codigesting Crop Residues

BY Anna AustinResearch shows that codigesting crop residue with manure can boost methane production, and new technology is expanding its use in digester systems. READ MORE

Pellet Ingenuity

BY Lisa GibsonWhile wood and crop residue pellets have largely the same end uses, vast differences surface in comparing their energy content, feedstock pricing and production components. READ MORE

Supply Chain Champs

BY Anna AustinWhen it comes to harvesting, collecting, storing and transporting agricultural biomass, PowerStock has decades of experience. READ MORE


Field Day Explores Energy Crop Production

BY Cheree Franco Miscanthus field day attendees learn how to plant, grow and harvest the perennial grass, a popular source of energy in Europe that has great potential in the Southeast U.S. READ MORE

Crop Residues: Issues Relating to Collection, Transportation and Storage

BY Kate Bechen Bioenergy producers looking to purchase crop residues must understand and be willing to work with farmers to determine the most viable options for harvesting the feedstock. READ MORE

Industry News

Acquisitions Atmosphere

BY Lisa GibsonDespite a number of energy companies purchasing biomass power plants, a consolidation trend is likely not on the horizon. READ MORE

Mighty Mississippi

BY Anna AustinMississippi is poised to take advantage of its abundant biomass resources. READ MORE

Turning Up the Heat

BY Lisa GibsonThe U.K. is developing a program to incentivize renewable heat generation and use. READ MORE

Potential Game Changer

BY Anna AustinThe new Republican Congress will likely make changes to federal renewable energy policies. READ MORE

Biogas Benefits

BY Bryan Sims Anaerobic digestion project in Washington’s Tualco Valley is paying off. READ MORE

Steam for Seattle

BY Lisa GibsonDistrict heating system supplies steam to several downtown buildings. READ MORE

Emission Remission

BY Anna AustinConvincing NIMBYs that WTE project emissions aren’t harmful is a labor-intensive task. READ MORE

Bioenergy Basics

BY Luke Geiver Colleges and universities need to prepare students for employment in the renewable energy industry. READ MORE


BY Lisa GibsonWashington’s commissioner of public lands announces aviation biofuel project during biomass conference keynote. READ MORE