Inside April 2011


Particularity in Permitting

BY Lisa GibsonCompared with the U.S., Denmark has a shockingly simple permitting process for biomass heat and power facilities, undoubtedly a factor in its immense biomass energy consumption. READ MORE

Pushing for Permits

BY Anna AustinEvery permitting experience is different. Biomass Power & Thermal talks to project developers about the challenges and successes of their permitting processes. READ MORE

MACT Madness

BY Lisa GibsonThe U.S. EPA has released an overhauled final version of the Maximum Achievable Control Technology rules, and the biggest changes will affect biomass boilers. READ MORE

Controlling PM

BY Anna AustinToday’s emission control devices are capable of keeping particulate matter emissions at reasonable levels and in line with regulations, but the best option may vary with each project. READ MORE

Breakout Potential

There’s more than one way to grow a company, and in the end there can be more than one winner READ MORE

Stepping Into the Public Light

BY Bryan SimsTaking a company public may be a viable finance vehicle for some, but not all READ MORE

Searching for Unity

BY Erin VoegeleWith eight trade groups, too many voices may prove to be a liability the industry can’t afford READ MORE


Integration and Use of Solid Waste from Agave

BY Francisco X. Villasenor A pilot project in Mexico will use the waste from agave processing to produce biocarbon, biofuel, steam and electricity. READ MORE

Do You Have Control Over NIMBYism?

BY Al Maiorino What steps can you take when your biomass project faces opposition? READ MORE

Industry News

A Financial Blessing

BY Anna AustinMinnesota Angel Network aids new companies in need of funding. READ MORE

Bioenergy Backing

BY Anna AustinGrant money helps University of Alabama to continue to assist state biomass program. READ MORE

Energy Innovation

BY Lisa GibsonIneos Bio’s bioenergy center will generate 6 megawatts of power from a gasification system, but not from the syngas. READ MORE

Pine Tree Potential

BY Anna AustinResearchers are investigating the use of pine trees for bioenergy. READ MORE

Trends in Thailand

BY Lisa GibsonA push for biomass power expansion might make Thailand a prime market in the global industry. READ MORE

Key Renewable Player

BY Lisa GibsonChina’s growing renewable energy sector represents enormous opportunities, but significant challenges, for foreign investors. READ MORE

Biomass-Powered Ethanol Plants

BY Lisa GibsonA growing number of U.S. ethanol plants are reaping the benefits of using biomass for power. READ MORE

Return on Renewables

BY Anna AustinStudy says renewable energy in the South will pay off if it’s done right. READ MORE


BY Lisa GibsonZilkha Biomass Energy has leased a port in Texas that will allow shipment of its wood pellets to Europe. READ MORE

Wood Heat in the Northeast

BY Anna AustinResearchers say using wood for heat is effective as long as it’s harvested sustainably. READ MORE

Export Enhancement

BY Anna AustinNorth American wood pellet exports to the European Union have doubled. READ MORE

Testing Grounds

BY Anna AustinCanada’s biomass fuel industry will benefit from new testing center. READ MORE


Exponential Growth, Increasing Demand

BY Erin VoegeleStudy predicts significant growth in the biobased chemicals industry READ MORE

The Drayton Valley Bio-Mile

Hard times inspire a futuristic biocluster in Canada READ MORE

Fulcrum Pushes Ahead

BY Erin VoegeleWith no shortage of loan program criticism, at least one project is greenlighted READ MORE

A Crude Lesson in Oil History

Energy crop demonstrations help, but a look into the past says it all READ MORE

Stemming From Biocatalytic Roots

BY Bryan SimsHow plant-based lipids are creating more value-added bioproducts READ MORE

On The Straight And Narrow

BY Bryan SimsVertichem eyes the multibillion dollar specialty chemicals market READ MORE

The Energy Expert Speaks

Secretary Chu on China, energy and the ideal transport fuel READ MORE

Alien Visitors?

BY Bryan SimsWhy all roads in algae R&D may converge in New Mexico—again READ MORE

Advancing Algae

BY Erin VoegeleNMSU embarks on extensive algae initiative funded by the U.S. military READ MORE

Empowering Simulations with Supercomputing

BY Erin VoegeleBiofuels projects awarded time on U.S. DOE’s most powerful supercomputers READ MORE