Inside August 2011


Methanation in Missouri

BY Lisa GibsonMissouri has ample resources for a booming anaerobic digestion sector, but surprisingly few parties have taken advantage of the enormous opportunity. READ MORE

Dairy Diversification

BY Anna AustinA five-farm digester venture in Massachusetts could be a game-changer for struggling dairy farmers. READ MORE

Living, Learning Lab

BY Lisa GibsonBesides edging toward sustainability goals, a unique biodigester on the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh campus will also provide learning opportunities, and eventually financial assistance, for students. READ MORE

Industrial-Strength Waste to Energy

BY Anna AustinWhile organic waste-to-biogas power technologies are common in Europe, they are first-of-a-kind in most U.S. states and need to prove themselves before they can become a trend. READ MORE

A Walk in the (Research) Park

BY Erin VoegeleR&D centers can offer important infrastructure and networking benefits to startups as they work toward commercialization READ MORE

Upstream Diversity

BY Bryan SimsSewer sludge, food and beverage wastes and plastics can provide abundant feedstock for biorefineries located onsite READ MORE

The Scary Truth about Pulp and Paper

Why substantial progress hasn’t been made—and why it will READ MORE


The Critical Analysis of Biomass

BY Stan Houser and Scott Blakely Biomass standards are variations of coal and petroleum coke standards, but as the use of biomass increases governing standards agencies may have to come up with more specific procedures. READ MORE

Reading Between the Tree Rows

BY Dean McCraw Are we headed for a pine pulpwood shortage in the U.S. South? READ MORE

Industry News

Polish Potential

BY Lisa GibsonThe biomass market in Poland is growing rapidly and offers enormous opportunity. READ MORE

Biomass Power with CCS

BY Lisa GibsonBiomass power combined with carbon capture and storage could be the UK’s most effective tool in meeting its renewables goals. READ MORE

Strange Bedfellows

BY Anna AustinPellet plant leases rooftop for solar energy system. READ MORE

Oregon’s Biomass Oasis

BY Lisa GibsonA small Oregon town is the site for two biomass power proposals. READ MORE

Studying Biomass up North

BY Anna AustinA study in northern Maine will evaluate St. John Valley’s biomass potential. READ MORE

A Demand to Expand

BY Anna AustinLos Angeles will build a new waste-to-energy plant to mitigate its trash load. READ MORE

Moving MACT Along

BY Lisa GibsonThe EPA has released its timeline for the MACT reconsideration period. READ MORE

Cow Power in the Northwest

BY Anna AustinMultifarm digester projects are benefitting Pacific Northwest dairy farmers. READ MORE

Tailoring the Tailoring Rule

BY Anna AustinEPA finalizes its decision to defer biomass emissions regulation for three years. READ MORE

ABCs of C&D

BY Anna AustinNew construction and demolition wood fuel specs are designed to aid buyers, sellers and regulators. READ MORE

University of Montana on a Mission

BY Lisa GibsonThe University of Montana in Missoula will forge through opposition of its biomass gasifier, confident in its benefits. READ MORE


A New Assurance

BY Erin VoegeleThe USDA’s Risk Management Agency aims to provide crop insurance for advanced feedstocks READ MORE

Don’t Forget about Medium Oil

Oil companies of all sizes are important to the biorefining industry READ MORE

Say No to Rust

BY Lisa Gibson Virginia Tech awarded grant for rust-resistant switchgrass gene work READ MORE

A Novel Formulation

BY Erin VoegeleA Canadian company develops a new biobased foam product READ MORE

An Italian Groundbreaking

BY Ron Kotrba13 MMgy cellulosic ethanol plant begins construction in Italy READ MORE

Increasing Strength

BY Erin VoegeleAdditive makes bioplastics more durable READ MORE

An Honored Visitor

BY Holly Jessen USDA’s Canales visits ICM’s St. Joseph, Mo., cellulosic ethanol project READ MORE

When Numbers Don’t Matter

DuPont’s survey reveals the potential for biobased materials in autos—almost READ MORE

Designed to Degrade

BY Erin VoegeleCanadian bottler changes name, focus to biodegradable plastic bottles READ MORE

The Bioenergy Bridge

PSU bought equipment to bring industry professionals together READ MORE

Relationships Matter

BY Erin VoegeleResearch demonstrates the ability to form strong partnerships is integral to a company’s success READ MORE

When Quitting is Good for Cleantech

Cathy Zoi has parted ways with the U.S. DOE READ MORE

Company Patents ‘Integrated bioRefinery’

BY Holly Jessen Highmark Renewables patents unique version of common phrase READ MORE