Inside September 2011


Conquering Co-Combustion

BY Lisa GibsonWhile cofiring woody biomass with coal is more common on a testing scale than commercial, most issues related to co-combustion within the boiler can be alleviated with proper fuel sizing and blending. READ MORE

Biomass and Coal: A Powerful Combination

BY Anna AustinBiomass Power & Thermal investigates potential technical and safety issues involved in storing and handling biomass at cofired power plants. READ MORE

Glorified, Torrefied & Cofired

BY Anna AustinCofiring torrefied biomass with coal seems like a great way to reduce emissions, but is it economical? READ MORE

Paper Pellets

BY Lisa GibsonDespite a decline in its paper product sector, Wisconsin holds the reins to an industry that shows enormous potential for cofiring with fossil fuels: pellets made from industrial paper waste. READ MORE

Gateway to Cooperation and Parity

BY Erin VoegeleIndustry leaders take the stage at the International Biomass Conference to discuss policy objectives and collaboration opportunities READ MORE

Transforming Financial Reform

Bond financing is here—and all signs point to a perfect match READ MORE

An Anaerobic Alternative

BY Erin VoegeleUndefined mixed cultures traditionally used to produce methane through anaerobic digestion show potential for creating higher-value carboxylates READ MORE


Calculating the Renewable Fraction of Energy from Waste

BY Matthew Aylott A technique based on carbon dating will soon be used in the U.K. to determine the proportion of energy from waste that is renewable. READ MORE

Biomass: The Ontario Opportunity

BY Shirley Townsend Strong tax incentives, a highly trained workforce, ample forestry materials and government investment in research and development make Ontario a great location for biomass power development. READ MORE

Establishing Business Operations in Japan

BY Richard WeinerUnderstanding customs and laws is critical to opening business overseas READ MORE

Industry News

Energy Options

BY Anna AustinBiomass is not a silver bullet but it plays a key energy role. READ MORE

Standards Status

BY Lisa GibsonPFI is working diligently on its third-party fuel certification standards. READ MORE

By the Numbers

BY Lisa GibsonA new online tool calculates the benefits of the U.K.’s Renewable Heat Incentive. READ MORE

Pyrogenesis Perfecting Plasma

BY Lisa GibsonThe first application of Pyrogenesis’s plasma gasifier is operating for the U.S. Air Force in Florida. READ MORE

Coupling with CCS

BY Lisa GibsonStudy: Biomass technologies plus carbon capture/storage have global potential for negative CO2 emissions. READ MORE

Burgeoning Biomass

BY Lisa GibsonA U.K. white paper and accompanying energy roadmap put emphasis on biomass potential. READ MORE

Letters to the Editor


Success is in the Bioenergy Details

Is there anything the Biofuels Atlas can’t do? READ MORE

Splitting Wood into Biodiesel, Pellets

BY Ron KotrbaAn interesting approach to biorefining READ MORE

Preparing a Prototype

BY Erin VoegeleAvjet Biotech selects design, installation partner READ MORE

The AFEX Has Almost Arrived

Already licensed, ammonia fiber expansion can cut biomass transport costs READ MORE

Amber Waves of Potential

BY Bryan SimsHow BioAmber is closer to achieving commercial scale than one might think READ MORE

Differentiating Bioplastics

BY Erin VoegeleCereplast’s new symbol distinguishes biobased plastic from fossil-based counterparts READ MORE

Positive Results for Biojet

BY Erin VoegeleNASA tests renewable fuel blends in a DC-8 READ MORE

Taking Stock in Bark

BY Bryan SimsWood biomass utilization is taking on a whole new shape in Canada READ MORE

Capital Infusion

BY Bryan SimsHow the investment window is opening in the biorefining sector READ MORE

Innovation by Design

BY Bryan SimsHow forward-thinking cellulosic development is key to achieving commercial-scale READ MORE

What Unemployment Rates Tell Project Developers

Don’t forget that no two projects are alike READ MORE