Inside October 2011


Betting on Biomass

BY Peter Taberner Ambitious EU renewable energy goals prompt the U.K. to support biomass-based energy development. READ MORE

A Caucus of its Own

BY Matt Soberg Two U.S. lawmakers create the first Congressional Biomass Caucus to put the industry on the front burner of energy policy. READ MORE

Watts from Wastewater

BY Lisa GibsonNew Jersey is already a top-ranked state in on-site utilization of biogas produced by wastewater treatment plants, but ongoing research could help craft incentives to push it even higher. READ MORE

Separation Anxiety

BY Lisa GibsonUtilization of municipal solid waste sorting technologies could speed up the development of anaerobic digestion in the U.S. READ MORE

Maximizing the Burn

BY Matt Soberg CMRA and NSWMA have crafted standards for grading C&D wood so it can be utilized in combustion systems. READ MORE

The Down-select Debate

Three years, six technologies, one consortium to pick the best—will it work? READ MORE

Creating a Biobased Economy

BY Erin VoegeleFast-tracking bioenergy development in Holland READ MORE

The Path to Validation

BY Bryan Sims & Luke Geiver What it takes to prove the feasibility of a process technology READ MORE


Anheuser-Busch Brews Up Biogas with High-Rate Anaerobic Treatment

BY Bradley Smith and Denise Johnston By adding high-rate anaerobic reactors to the wastewater pretreatment system at its Merrimack, N.H., brewery, the plant has reduced air emissions and fossil fuel purchases, and shut down labor-intensive, energy-inefficient equipment. READ MORE

Industry News


BY Lisa GibsonPurposeEnergy is eyeing the brewery industry for its novel AD cogen system. READ MORE

Setting the Record Straight

BY Lisa GibsonA forester and biomass supplier attempts to quash misinformation about Florida’s biomass availability. READ MORE

Trying Trial

BY Lisa GibsonFollowing disappointing trial crop yields, NRG Energy shelves its biomass project. READ MORE

Distinguished Sustainability

BY Matt Soberg Taylor Biomass Energy satisfies Greenopia’s rigorous review to distinguish it as a sustainable business. READ MORE

What’s Waste?

BY Lisa GibsonNew EPA document does little to clear up concerns about MACT’s ‘solid waste’ definition. READ MORE

Biomass-Powered Data Centers

BY Matt Soberg U.S. companies plan to develop biopowered computer data centers to reap the benefits of local supply and competitive power pricing. READ MORE

Expanding Energy, Contracting Waste

BY Matt Soberg The Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County, Fla., plans to build a $670 million waste-to-energy facility. READ MORE

Mega Midwest Biomass Potential

BY Matt Soberg A UCS report displays the tremendous potential for bioenergy development in the Midwest. READ MORE


Proving Lignin’s Potential

BY Erin VoegeleA pilot plant in Canada extracts lignin from black liquor READ MORE

A Successful Startup

Agrivida’s enzyme approach could forever change cellulosic ethanol READ MORE

Untimely Death for BCAP?

BY Erin VoegeleHouse subcommittee moves to eliminate funding for the Biomass Crop Assistance Program READ MORE

Why Good Technology Needs Great Relationships

BP, Davy use others to commercialize their FT process READ MORE

A Tool Every Lab Should Have

Labs can be disorganized and slow to progress, so Quartzy may be the answer READ MORE

Will Cheap Talk on Big Oil Ever Change?

A case against two oil speculators for driving up fuel prices READ MORE

Jumpstarting a Biojet Industry in the Northwest

BY Erin VoegeleA new study outlines an approach for success READ MORE

Evidence of Indirect Land Use Change Lacking

BY Erin VoegeleMSU study results testify to efficient agricultural practices READ MORE

Another Reason to Root for Louisiana

A cleantech grant could advance algae oil extraction READ MORE

Production vs. Survival Problem

Joint BioEnergy Institute researchers make designer bugs even better READ MORE