Inside December 2011


Honoring Sustainability

BY Matt SobergThe U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is elevating its reliance on renewable energy by investing in combined-heat-and-power projects nationwide. READ MORE

Stover for Power—Not Just Biofuels

BY Kris Bevill Partnering to produce energy from stover could be an attractive option for corn ethanol plants. READ MORE

Industry Insight

BY Lisa GibsonKey leaders in the biomass power and thermal industries discuss their sectors’ outlooks for 2012, drawing from experiences in 2011. READ MORE

Digging In

BY Matt SobergDespite regulatory uncertainty, renewable energy businesses did well in 2011 and expect continued success in the new year. READ MORE

The Future of Biorefining Policy

BY Erin VoegeleUncertainty from a challenging political environment, focus on debt reduction and cuts to tax incentives could slow the industry’s progress READ MORE

The Good Side of Government

For all the gripes, some government-backed programs are working READ MORE

A Call for Statutory Clarity

BY Bryan SimsIs the current regulatory regime hindering commercialization of advanced biofuels? READ MORE


The Power of Collaboration

BY Sherwin Damdar A tech firm, seal maker work together to reduce biorefining commercialization costs READ MORE

Industry News

A Biogas Friendly Bill

BY Anna AustinPURPA Plus bill allows states to make their own decisions about renewable energy. READ MORE

Educational Expedition

BY Lisa GibsonCleveland, Ohio, officials visited Japan recently to learn more about a gasifier they hope to use. READ MORE

A Tough Row to Hoe

BY Anna AustinBCAP funding is once again on the chopping block. READ MORE

Mor Biomass Machines

BY Anna AustinMorbark holds Demo Days to showcase its biomass equipment. READ MORE

Mississippi’s Methane Model

BY Anna AustinThe state’s first landfill gas-to-energy project goes on line. READ MORE

Hot Technology

BY Anna AustinWaste Management invests in InEnTec’s plasma gasification technology. READ MORE

Powerful Panel

BY Lisa GibsonBiomass conference panel features experienced biomass power developers. READ MORE

Military Might

BY Erin Voegele Department of Defense has lofty renewable energy goals. READ MORE

Southern Comfort

BY Lisa GibsonManufacturers emphasize pellet potential in the Southeast. READ MORE

Biomass Bonanza

BY Erin Voegele Georgia has a lot to offer biomass-to-energy projects READ MORE


Exploring the Algae Tradeoff

UVa researchers look at energy yields, GHGs and the financial appeal of algae READ MORE

The Next Phase

BY Erin VoegeleVirent selected to advance in the NABC program READ MORE

Build-Out Bust or Boom?

BY Bryan SimsChallenges, opportunities loom as biorefining industry develops biojet infrastructure READ MORE

Aiding Algae Development

BY Erin VoegeleResearchers reconstruct the genome scale metabolic network for a model alga strain READ MORE

MV-22 Osprey Flies High on Biofuel

BY Erin VoegeleThe U.S. Navy, Marine Corps complete test flight in Maryland READ MORE

More Bio-Bang for the Buck

The biorefining IPO phenomenon explained READ MORE

2 Simple Reasons for 1 Major Absence

The 2011 U.S. DOE’s Billion Ton Study left out algae—here’s why READ MORE

Columns of Support

BY Bryan SimsLeveraging private and government funding to accelerate growth READ MORE

Nutracea Up Big on Biorefining

This value-added producer has rice bran to thank READ MORE

Cracking Cellulose

BY Bryan SimsConverting cellulosic sugars to advanced biofuel just got more efficient READ MORE

New Funding Source Launched in Russia

BY Erin VoegeleTatarstan, Wermuth Asset Management announce the Tatarstan Clean Tech Fund READ MORE