Inside April 2017


Sizing Them Up

BY Tim PortzA close look at export data for wood pellets, fuel ethanol and biodiesel reveals a varying reliance on export markets for U.S. producers. READ MORE

Sustaining Maine’s Legacy

BY Anna SimetEfforts to reinvigorate the state’s biomass industry—including two fiber export projects in development—are focused on saving and generating jobs while boosting Maine’s economy. READ MORE

The Imports Cometh

BY Ron KotrbaU.S. imports of biomass-based diesel hit extreme heights in 2016, fulfilling a third of the consumption market, driving the domestic biodiesel industry to more actively seek counteracting measures to protect its own investments. READ MORE


The Art and Advantages of Briquetting

BY Mogens S. Knudsen In recent years, as the focus on renewable energy has grown, the applications for briquettes have grown concurrently, as have different technologies and new applications. READ MORE

Addressing Biomass Energy 'Alternative Facts'

BY William Strauss Recent assertions of a new report on biomass energy are grossly inaccurate. READ MORE

US Forest Product Exports to Asia

BY Stan Parton From the April issue of Biomass Magazine, this data-packed report from Forest2Market suggests existing North American infrastructure can light the way for biomass exporters. READ MORE