Inside November-December BMM 2017


A Growing Advantage

BY Tim Portz Commercial greenhouses are proving that biomass heating systems can provide an operational boost in an increasingly global, competitive flower and plant marketplace. READ MORE

Solving a Heat Load Hardship

BY Anna Simet After a multiyear development process, Plumas County is replacing its Health and Human Services Center’s inadequate heating system with biomass, which will save upward of $30,000 annually. READ MORE

Protein and Power: Turkey’s Chicken Gambit

BY Ron Kotrba Turkey’s largest integrated egg producer, Güres Group, is working with Italian turbogenerator firm Turboden to convert 500 tons a day of chicken manure from 4 million laying hens into green power for the grid. READ MORE


New Financing Option for Proposed Energy Projects

BY Lynn Knox New biomass energy projects have the opportunity to look beyond power purchase and offtake agreements to fund projects. READ MORE

Sponsor Spotlight: HURST BOILER

BY Harriet Lublin After four years of operating, a New Hampshire county biomass heating project has replaced nearly all of its heating oil consumption. READ MORE