Inside March/April Biomass


From the Ground Up

BY Anna Simet New York pellet producer Curran Renewable Energy and its associated businesses have deep roots in forestry, and long-term plans for further growth. READ MORE

Critical Mass

BY Ron Kotrba Old and new players alike are stepping up their game with semi-dry wood chips, and state incentives are helping drive the market to maturity. READ MORE

Mission Zero Waste

BY Keith Loria Sweden’s recycling practices and waste-to-energy industry are unmatched. READ MORE

Partnering to Produce a Better Wood Chip

BY Patrick C. Miller Catamount Forest Products and Vermeer Corp. collaborate to help meet Vermont’s biomass heating fuel demand. READ MORE


Feedstock Sourcing for Project Success: US South Advantages

BY Stan Parton The U.S. South offers global bioenergy producers vast forestry resources and minimal feedstock volatility. READ MORE

US Dairy Farms: Untapped Biogas Potential

BY Peter Brown Countries like Holland and Norway have achieved success in widespread digester installation at dairy farms, but U.S. dairy states are slow to follow suit. READ MORE

Sustainable Biomass: What’s Ahead for New Markets

BY Seth Ginther The U.S. industrial wood pellet industry is positioned for future growth. READ MORE