Inside July/August 2019


Capturing the Value of Waste Heat

BY Anna SimetBurgess Biopower is securing unique partners to help the 75-MW plant capitalize on all it has to offer. READ MORE

Low-Carbon Cure

BY Ron KotrbaA Sri Lanka-based tire factory switches from fuel oil to biomass for steam generation in the tire-curing process. READ MORE


High-Efficiency Shutdowns: Improving Boiler Reliability and Increasing Uptime

BY Rebecca M. Knecht Regular inspections of boilers, pressure vessels, piping, and tanks help reduce the risk of failures, accidents and unplanned downtime. READ MORE

Self-heating Hazards of Biomass Materials

BY Vahid Ebadat The biomass energy sector is growing rapidly, and the number of fires and explosions in the industry is unfortunately growing along with it—it’s time to act. READ MORE