Inside September/October Biomass Magazine


Blending Passion with Flavor

BY Anna SimetThe grilling pellet market has experienced exponential growth over the past few years, a trend likely to continue. READ MORE

Get with the Program

BY Ron KotrbaBiogas producers struggling to generate revenue from their digestate may find an opportunity to turn this around through the American Biogas Council’s Digestate Standard Testing and Certification Program. READ MORE


Chicken Manure to Megawatts

BY Ilaria Peretti Güres Group is turning a liability into an asset via clean energy technology. READ MORE

Alternatives to Traditional Silo Designs

BY Joel Dulin The benefits of a horizontal system are well worth considering for your next storage project, especially for multi-product operations. READ MORE

Biochar: If You Make It, Will They Come?

BY Kathleen Draper Markets for biochar, most commonly produced as a gasification or pyrolysis byproduct, are expanding. READ MORE