Inside November/December Biomass Magazine


The Complex Web of Dryer Safety

BY Ron KotrbaThe responsibility chain for dryer safety is a complex web of disconnected factions. READ MORE

Dealing with Combustible Dust

BY Anna SimetFlamex and IEP Technologies equip customers with the knowhow and tools they need to protect assets and employees. READ MORE

Helping Meet EU Renewable Targets with Wood Chips

BY New England Woodchip Solutions The newly established New England Woodchip Solutions LLC will will house a state-of-the-art phytosanitary system that will meet EU import requirements and include a process to densify wood chips for improved ocean freight stowage. READ MORE


Combatting Combustible Dust Hazards

BY Stacy Cook One of the problematic aspects of handling biomass in a power generating or fuel production process is the amount of combustible dust that is often present in the material. READ MORE