Inside July 2007


Generating Poultry Power

BY Ron KotrbaFibrominn LLC recently fired up its 55-megawatt power plant in west central Minnesota and it's one like no other in the United States. Fueled by poultry litter, this plant feeds renewable electricity back to the grid, enhances local economies, and mitigates a few environmental concerns along the way. READ MORE

All Natural Mobility

BY Lindsey IrwinMore biobased materials are working their way into the automobile industry's new designs as consumers increasingly desire "green" features in their vehicles. Everything from the tires and windshields to the interior carpeting and seat foam are becoming biobased rather than petroleum-based. READ MORE

Wood Residue-to-Fuel

BY Michael ShirekThe lumber industry has transformed the material that used to be swept off the woodshop floors and discarded, from a byproduct to a coproduct. Biomass Magazine takes a look at how Tolko Industries Ltd. and Nexterra Energy Corp. are turning wood residue from a plywood mill into a fuel to help power the milling process. READ MORE

Biomass: Opportunities Abound

BY Jerry W. Kram and Bryan SimsIf the presenters at Biomass '07 are any indication, the biomass industry is past taking baby steps and is ready to boldly move toward a bright and prosperous future. READ MORE

Industry News

U.S. states form NCBEC

BY Jessica Ebert

In the Lab

In The Lab

BY Jerry W. KramA Cell in the Machine: Computerized Cultures Accelerate Product Development READ MORE