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One Man's Trash Is Another's Power Source

BY Nicholas ZemanA nationwide movement to capitalize on the energy producing power of garbage is driven by a strong market for renewable energy, a desire to clean up the environment and to generate a revenue stream. READ MORE

The Quest to Commercialize Biobased Succinic Acid

BY Jessica EbertHigh-priced petroleum brings the finite nature of this resource to a striking reality. Out of necessity comes research into alternative fuels and the myriad of materials made from petroleum. Since the mid-1990s, succinic acid has garnered interest as a petroleum alternative for the manufacture of everything from de-icers to pesticides. READ MORE

Harnessing the Power of Biomass

BY Susanne Retka SchillBiomass power producers aren't pausing while current U.S. federal policies favor renewable fuels development in an effort to reduce the nation's dependence on foreign oil. Renewable power will play a vital role in the world's attempts to reduce greenhouse gases. Now that the first-generation technology has matured, work continues on developing new technologies based on lessons learned. READ MORE

Fuels for Schools and Beyond

BY Anduin Kirkbride McElroyFuels for Schools was started in Vermont as a statewide initiative to promote and encourage the use of renewable, local natural resources to provide reliable heat for schools. It has since grown into a multistate program, and has recently expanded its scope beyond schools. READ MORE

The Elusive Biorefinery

BY Jerry W. KramReplacing fossil fuel-based products such as plastics and solvents with biomass-based equivalents has long been a goal of the biobased industry. The vision is a biorefinery-the equivalent of an oil refinery-producing many chemicals with hundreds of end uses. So, why aren't such facilities being built? READ MORE

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In The Lab

BY Jerry W. KramThe Need for Speed: Rapid Biomass Analysis Makes Better Breeding Possible READ MORE