Inside September 2007


Nebraska Corncob Harvesters

BY Ron KotrbaThirty-four-year-old twins from Nebraska invented the Residue Recovery System, a custom-made biomass collection system for combines that harvests and stores whole corncobs separately from the grain in a single pass through the field. READ MORE

Hammermill Master

BY Nicholas ZemanRobert White Industries Inc. in Plymouth, Minn., has been designing biomass handling systems for nearly 20 years. Demand for these services is expected to increase as more companies look to biomass sources for their fuel needs. READ MORE

Switchgrass Pioneers

BY Susanne Retka SchillLong before President George W. Bush mentioned switchgrass in his State of the Union address, a group of Iowa farmers searching for economic opportunities and solutions for water quality and erosion problems turned to the native prairie grass. Today, with 10 years of research under their belts, the farmers are gearing up to produce switchgrass for commercial use. READ MORE

A Research Revolution

BY Jessica EbertThree new U.S. DOE-funded research centers will house multidisciplinary teams of scientists from across the country with the aim of coordinating the basic research needed to accelerate the promise of cellulosic ethanol as a renewable, sustainable, secure and cost-competitive biofuel. READ MORE

If You Build It...

BY Anduin Kirkbride McElroyThe Clinton County Chamber of Commerce in Frankfort, Ind., has spent four years developing a plan and determining sites for two major waste-to-energy projects. The primary project will be the first commercial, multiple-input anaerobic digester in the United States. READ MORE


Extreme Makeover-Nature Edition

BY Mike JanesSandia researchers are looking to biology in earth's extreme environments to help solve the cellulosic ethanol puzzle. Their enzyme studies may provide the key needed to spark an industry. READ MORE

Industry News

In the Lab

In The Lab

BY Jerry W. KramGuided by the Light: Microscopic Analysis Sees Cells' Biomass Potential READ MORE