Inside October 2007


Landfill Eliminators

BY Jessica EbertThe process is called plasma gasification and the technology for creating and harnessing plasma has been around for decades. However, plasma gasification technology is now being used for a new purpose-the conversion of municipal solid waste-to-energy. READ MORE

Steam-Powered Window Plant

BY Ron KotrbaPopular window maker Andersen Corp. is commissioning its new steam plant in Bayport, Minn., powered exclusively by the wood waste generated from the manufacturing of 6 million windows and doors a year. READ MORE

Making the Most of Manure

BY Bryan SimsComplaints from odor-offended neighbors and a desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have prompted some dairy farmers to integrate anaerobic digestion systems into their operations. Although it's not for everyone, using manure to generate power and produce a nutrient-rich soil amendment is something that should seriously be considered. READ MORE

Not So Run of the Mill

BY Anduin Kirkbride McElroyThe forest products industry has years of experience in conversion technology, and cellulose and lignin separations. The industry is now looking to develop its pulp and paper mills into biorefineries with ethanol as a focus. READ MORE

Pyrolysis Char Rejuvenates Tired Soils

BY Jerry W. KramIn the Amazon, a mysterious, black soil was discovered that was much more productive than the surrounding red clay. Research has determined that these soils were created more than 1,000 years ago by the area natives. Now, as scientists try to recreate those soils, biomass producers could be the big beneficiaries. READ MORE

Industry News

In the Lab

In the Lab

BY Jerry W. KramIs it biomass? Radiocarbon testing can tell the real McCoy READ MORE