Inside November 2007


From Concept to Commercialization

BY Jerry W. KramFiguring out how to make fuel and chemicals from biomass is only the first step, making those processes economically viable is the ultimate goal. Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado work with large and small businesses to turn their discoveries into commercial successes. READ MORE

Closing the Energy Circle

BY Ron KotrbaGreen Circle Bio Energy Inc. is building the world's biggest wood pellet plant in the heart of the largest plantation-style pine forest in the world. Until U.S. legislation promoting biomass power catches up with directives in Europe, these pellets will be exported to a handful of European power companies. READ MORE

The Fischer-Tropsch/Fat Connection

BY Susanne Retka SchillThe Syntroleum Corp. team and its investors always knew their technology was solid. That confidence was renewed when the company signed a deal with Tyson Foods Inc. to commercialize its refining technology-turning animal fat into renewable diesel and jet fuels. With that process under its belt, Syntroleum plans to turn to biomass gasification. READ MORE

Renewed Interest in Bovine Biomass

BY Bryan SimsResearchers are taking another look at animal-processed fiber (APF), a coproduct of the anaerobic digestion process. APF contains an abundance of protein and fiber fractions such as cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin and can be used for a variety of biobased products. READ MORE

High-Voltage Debate Over Renewable Electricity Mandate

BY Anduin Kirkbride McElroyThe U.S. Congress is getting closer to passing a renewable electricity mandate, which could mean dramatic growth for the biomass industry. Ironically, the Southeastern states-the region most likely to benefit from the development of the biomass industry-are resisting such a mandate. READ MORE

Neutralizing Landfill Leachate

BY Nicholas ZemanWith waste management, liquid solutions and fuels divisions, St. Louis-based GEI Development, is poised to impact the biomass realm. Biomass Magazine talks with one of the creators of the trademarked E-VAP process, a leachate treatment solution for the waste management industry. Now, the company is bringing the recycling synergies to biodiesel production. READ MORE

Industry News

In the Lab

In the Lab

BY Jerry W. KramProgress to a pathway: PNNL process holds promise for biobased chemicals READ MORE

EERC Update

BY Bruce FolkedahlBiomass Power Options for Existing Ethanol Plants READ MORE