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Emissions Eliminator

BY Anna AustinCompanies that embrace biomass-to-energy applications face stiff emissions and pollution control requirements. Biomass Magazine examines Eisenmann Corp.'s dual flow wet electrostatic precipitation technology and boiler emissions compliance system, which will be installed in a major bourbon distillery in Kentucky. READ MORE

Craving Corn and the Cob

BY Ryan C. ChristiansenThe ethanol industry's declaration of energy independence for the United States is leading producers to generate more energy from an acre of corn. READ MORE

Go Green Pronto, Toronto

BY Ron KotrbaToronto is implementing residential source-separated organics to divert tons of organic matter-about 30 percent of all household trash-from landfills. Currently some of the material is being composted and turned into green fertilizer. Once its plans to construct two large anaerobic digestion facilities are fulfilled, the city will be making green energy to help offset the cost of implementing its green bin program. READ MORE

Size Matters

BY Anna AustinThe logistics involved in developing a biomass-based power project can be daunting. Sourcing, transporting and storing biomass are all issues that need to be addressed, but the size of the facility needs to be determined before that can happen. Biomass Magazine talks to industry experts who have different ideas about the perfect size for biomass-fired power plants. READ MORE

A World of Potential

BY Travis HochardExperts at the 4th World Biofuels Symposium offered their impressions of the global potential for ethanol, biodiesel and beyond. READ MORE


Producing the Next Generation of Green Hydrocarbons

BY Heidi VincentCommercially producing bio-oil from biomass is at the core of Ensyn's expertise. The company proves that multiple sources can be used when converting biomass into bio-oil for the production of biomass-based chemicals, bioenergy and renewable transportation fuels. READ MORE

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