Inside February 2009


From Digestion to Distribution

BY Ryan C. ChristiansenPower companies in dairy regions have known for years that there is a distributed source of energy underfoot: cow manure. Using anaerobic digestion, manure can be converted into biogas and combusted in a generator to produce electricity. However, anaerobic digesters aren't cheap. It takes collaborative funding and diligent project management to bring multiple anaerobic digesters on line within a power district-and that's just the beginning. READ MORE

A �Torrefic' Energy Solution

BY Anna AustinSimilar to cellulosic ethanol, there have been challenges to overcome in developing and advancing torrefaction. Now on the brink of commercialization, the thermochemical treatment process has the potential to serve as a substantial upgrade for coal and biomass combustion, co-combustion and gasification applications. READ MORE

Closing the Wood Pellet Gap

BY Ron KotrbaIn Europe, wood pellets are used as fuel for utility, commercial and residential applications to produce electricity and heat, but in the U.S. pellets have largely been relegated to the residential markets. Effective policy drivers and a different mindset exist in Europe, while in the U.S. it's hard to compete with cheap coal. READ MORE

Anaerobic Options

BY Barnett KovenThe use of anaerobic digesters on a small scale could provide localized energy sources while reducing the negative effects of greenhouse gases. READ MORE


Project Finance: Lender Perspectives and Development Trends

BY Thomas M. MinnichWhile economies around the world slow and credit options dwindle, the biomass-to energy industries keep churning forward. Capital exists for those looking to develop projects. READ MORE

Industry News

Biomass fuel pellets show promise

BY Ryan C. Christiansen

TechWorks incubator opens in Iowa

BY Susanne Retka Schill

Legal Perspectives

Algae Bloom at the Patent Office

BY Philip Goldman and Todd Taylor

EERC Update