Inside March 2009


The Art of Biomass Pelletizing

BY Ryan C. ChristiansenPelletizing biomass can be challenging. The lack of a one-size-fits-all process means that it can be more art than science. READ MORE

Making the Switch

BY Anna AustinLast year, a significant amount of coal-fired power plant proposals were shot down by regulators, and an increasing number of utilities are developing plans to convert to biomass. Is this a trend and, if so, will it continue? READ MORE

Contaminated Sites = Renewable Energy Hotspots

BY Jessica EbertTo encourage the reuse of contaminated lands for renewable energy production facilities, the U.S. EPA has developed an interactive Google Earth map that tracks these sites and provides information on the potential of each property for biomass energy, solar or wind development. READ MORE


Controlling Emissions in a Growing Wood Pellet Marketplace

BY Steve JaasundA large wood pellet plant looked to experience in the panelboard industry for a proven approach to controlling its emissions. A reliable technology provided the answer for its low emissions goal. READ MORE

Biomass Equipment Options for Steam and Power

BY Arnie IwanickThe potential to use biomass as a low-cost fuel that reduces carbon footprint is growing. The equipment options for firing biomass to replace fossil fuel in plant operations are equally vast. READ MORE

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Legal Perspectives

Plant Breeders' Rights for New Feedstocks

BY Micheline Ayoub and Jeremy Lawson

EERC Update