Inside May 2009


Her Majesty's Biogas

BY Ryan C. ChristiansenWith natural gas production and landfill capacity declining, the U.K. is looking at converting waste to biogas and synthesis gas for heat, power, and fuels on a large scale READ MORE

Taking Anaerobic Digestion by Storm

BY Anna AustinOntario, Canada-based StormFisher Biogas is ready to cause a whirlwind of activity with its plans to develop up to 30 anaerobic digestion plants in North America within the next five years. READ MORE

From Lines on Paper to a Model of Success

BY Ron KotrbaWhat started as a light bulb idea is now trademarked by EnerTech as the SlurryCarb Process and could become the future of biosolids management. READ MORE

The Value of Waste

BY Khalila HammondIn 2007, only 2.6 percent of the nearly 29.2 million metric tons of organic waste generated in North America was recovered, due to inefficient collection processes. Organic Resource Management in Ontario, Canada, is on a mission to make sure that waste doesn't go to waste. READ MORE


Streamlining Treatment of Challenging Food Processing Wastewaters

BY Jim McMahonKen's Foods' upgraded wastewater treatment facility efficiently reduces chemical oxygen demand and total suspended solids in challenging food processing wastewaters, and supplies 200,000-plus cubic feet of biogas per day, providing 100 percent of the heat required for the treatment plant's operation. READ MORE

Industry News

EPA proposes GHG reporting program

BY Susanne Retka Schill

Legal Perspectives

What Clients Want in a Lawyer

BY Todd TaylorThe following is a conversation between Scott Hughes, the chief operating officer at Visiam LLC, a renewable energy company, and the author, about the most important things a renewable energy company needs in a lawyer. READ MORE

EERC Update