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Biomass in the City of Roses

BY Anna AustinThe 2009 International Biomass Conference & Expo drew a record crowd of more than 1,000 people to Portland, Ore., where they networked, shared and absorbed information, and determined how to successfully move forward in the growing biomass industry. READ MORE

Reinventing Smethport's Forest Legacy

BY Susanne Retka SchillA small Pennsylvania community has long built its economy around the forest. Looking ahead, it wants to be the first small town in the U.S. with a woody biomass-fired combined-heat-and-power district heating system. READ MORE

Have Trailer-Will Move Biomass

BY Rona JohnsonRandy Hill believes he has the solution for transporting and drying large amounts of wet, woody biomass. The president of Advanced Trailer is working with the University of Idaho to evaluate the economic and environmental benefits of using his agricultural crop drying trailers to move biomass. READ MORE

Duckweed Quacks Volumes of Potential

BY Bryan SimsSince the late 1960s, scientists have studied duckweed for animal and human consumption because of its high protein content. Researchers are now tapping into the plant's innate environmental benefits, from desalinating wastewater to exploring its potential as a viable starch-based feedstock for ethanol production. READ MORE


Biomass Project Financing Solutions in Today's Difficult Capital Markets

BY Sue WykaGovernment grants and loan guarantees could be used to help fund biomass projects until the economy improves. READ MORE

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