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A pain in the digester
Posted August 8, 2008



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Study: Wood fiber demand to increase

A significant increase in demand for wood fiber from wood waste biomass-burning power companies in the southern United States, as well as an increase in the amount of wood pellets exported to Europe for energy production, will drive prices for forest products higher, according to a study released August 4 by Forest2Market, a timber industry market analysis company in Charlotte, N.C.READ MORE

Report examines European biofuels market

A report released August 6, titled "The European Biofuels Challenge: Developments in European Union Policy and Industry Drivers" and written by Urmila Doraswami, a freelance journalist with a master's degree in microbiology from Bangalore University in India, examines the potential for second generation biofuels in the European Union market. According to the report, quality as opposed to quantity will be the most important factor when considering potential feedstocks.READ MORE

CSU receives grant to study rice as a feedstock

Colorado State University has been awarded a $1.5 million grant by the U.S. DOE and USDA to research rice as a potential feedstock for cellulosic biofuels production. In all, ten grants totalling more than $10 million were awarded on July 31 to various universities and research institutes to accelerate research in the development of cellulosic biofuels. CSU received the largest grant.READ MORE

UMBI to research lignocellulose

The University of Maryland Biosciences Institute has been awarded a $575,000 three-year subcontract from the University of California at Berkeley to fund research to develop more efficient ways to convert lignocellulose to ethanol. The experiments will utilize municipal paper waste such as wood residues, energy crops such as woody grasses and agricultural wastes such as corn stover.READ MORE

Vermont funds biomass projects

The Central Vermont Public Service utility recently approved $500,000 in renewable energy projects, studies and education efforts. Among the projects receiving funds is a study using pelletized digested or pre-digested manure solids for fuel in a cogeneration system to produce electricity. Another project includes researching the feasibility of harvesting and transporting a nuisance aquatic weed from Lake Champlain and using it as biomass for an anaerobic digester.READ MORE

Pakistan, China projects to use Jenbacher engines

GE Energy's ecomagination-certified Jenbacher gas engines are allowing companies in Pakistan and China to produce electrical power and heat from biogas. Shakargani Mills Ltd.'s biogas power plant in Jhang, Pakistan, announced July 31 it will be the country's first renewable energy project to use biogas created from sugarcane waste made during ethanol production. The Beijing Deqingyuan Chicken Farm Waste Utilization plant announced August 4 it will be the first facility in China to use biogas created from chicken manure to generate heat and power.READ MORE

Green Energy Resources opens three ports

New York-based Green Energy Resources, a wood biomass exporting and shipping company, has announced plans to open three new ports along the East Coast for tug and barge operations to transport wood biomass.READ MORE

Missouri landfill to supply gas to ethanol plant

Minneapolis-based U.S. Energy Services Inc., Johnson County Landfill, in Shawnee, Kan., and Chicago-based Integrys Energy Group Inc., have entered into an agreement that will supply renewable landfill gas to an ethanol plant operated by Mid-Missouri Energy in Malta Bend, Mo.READ MORE

BP invests $90 million in Verenium

After a year of conversations, BP and Verenium Corp. announced August 6 that they have entered into a strategic partnership to accelerate the development and commercialization of cellulosic ethanol. As part of the joint venture, BP will invest $90 million in Verenium over the next 18 months, in exchange for rights to current and future technology held within the partnership, production facilities and agronomics expertise.READ MORE

EPA denies RFS waiver request

U.S. EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson announced Aug. 7 the denial of the renewable fuels standard (RFS) waiver request submitted by Texas Gov. Rick Perry. As a result, Johnson said the required total volume of renewable fuels to be blended into the nation's fuel will remain 9 billion gallons for 2008 and 11.1 billion gallons in 2009.READ MORE