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Bring on the Biorefineries
Posted July 1, 2010



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25x'25 alliance progress report released

The bold vision created by a renewable energy advocacy coalition calling for 25x'25 is becoming a reality. Formed in 2004, the alliance initially aimed at meeting 25 percent of the nation's energy needs with renewable energy by 2025. A new report titled, "Meeting the 25x'25 Goal: A Progress Report," shows that between 2004 and 2009, renewable energy produced in the U.S. increased by 23 percent. In May of 2009, 11.5 of all energy produced in the U.S. came from renewable sources, a record for the clean energy sector. Those numbers and the influence of the vision don't appear to be shrinking. "Our vision was written into the Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007 by the 109th Congress," the report stated. "Since then, our coalition has grown to include more than 900 organizations and dozens of governors."READ MORE

Group asks Senate to consider biofuels bills

In a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., three ethanol industry groups have asked that legislators keep biofuels in mind. "It is likely that the Senate will take up an Energy Bill, heavy on provisions that respond to the Gulf oil spill, and we're hopeful that it will also contain important provisions for biofuels," said Brian Jennings, executive vice president of the American Coalition for Ethanol. ACE is one of the three organizations that signed the letter. Also signing on were the National Corn Growers Association and Renewable Fuels Association.READ MORE

Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo will feature biodiesel panel

Biodiesel will be one of many panel topics at the Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo in Boston, Aug. 4-6. One particularly relevant panel to the region, The Ongoing Pursuit of Biodiesel Production and Process Enhancements in the Northeast, will feature Don Scott, director of sustainability for the National Biodiesel Board.READ MORE

Report links policy with sustainability

Policy goals for renewable biofuels and bioenergy could be achieved, but policymakers must take steps to protect the sustainability of the nation's forests in the face of increasing demands for woody biomass, according to "Forest Sustainability in the Development of Wood Bioenergy in the U.S.," a recently released report by the Pinchot Institute for Conservation and the H. John Heinz III Center for Science, Economics and the Environment.READ MORE

Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo to offer panels on financing and building the biomass industry

Interest in biomass-based power is on the rise as many U.S. states increase their renewable portfolio standards and others pass legislation requiring power providers to decrease their carbon footprint and utilize renewable energy. The Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo will feature a panel aimed specifically for those developing or planning to develop biomass-based power projects.READ MORE

TCL&P biomass plant plans halted

Just two months after the Traverse City Light & Power board voted to move forward with plans to build a 10-megawatt cogeneration biomass power plant at Traverse City, Mich., those plans are off the table for the time being; potentially, even for good.READ MORE

Farm Power builds second dairy AD plant

The second anaerobic dairy digester developed by Washington-based Farm Power Northwest LLC should be operational by the end of the year, using manure from a nearby farm to provide 750 kilowatts of electricity to homes around its Lynden, Wash., location.READ MORE

Salt-tolerant trait may unlock land for energy, food crops

Researchers at energy crop development company Ceres Inc. say a newly developed genetic trait that increases the salt tolerance in plants could potentially enable the revival of more than 1 billion acres of abandoned crop land across the globe, for both energy and food crop purposes.READ MORE

Syngest gets state funding for bio-ammonia plant

The Iowa Power Fund board voted July 1 to provide San Francisco-based Syngest Inc. with $2.5 million for its planned biomass-to-ammonia plant in Menlo, Iowa. The vote solidifies funding that the company has been working toward for more than a year, but the money is contingent upon $3.5 million in matching funds, which Syngest CEO Jack Oswald believes is more than achievable.READ MORE