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Biomass Conference Will Tackle Tough Issues
Posted July 9, 2010



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Fiberight to build MSW demonstration plant

By the end of August, Fiberight LLC hopes to have its second municipal solid waste (MSW) to cellulosic ethanol demonstration plant up and running. The company, which completed its first plant in Blairstown, Iowa, in May, will install a second demonstration plant in Lawrenceville, Va., the current location of the company's pilot plant.READ MORE

Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo panel to aid MACT boiler rule compliance

The environmental superiority of biomass power over fossil fuels is obvious and great. Still, the industry must continue the ongoing pursuit of operation optimization, which includes many components, including selecting the right biomass boiler or emission control technology for a particular operation. The Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo Aug. 4-6 in Boston will address this issue with a panel titled Leveraging Technology for the Clean and Efficient Utilization of Biomass Energy.READ MORE

EPA, USDA invest in energy from farm biogas

Through an extension of the U.S. EPA's AgSTAR program, the EPA and USDA will provide up to $3.9 million over the next five years to help farmers capture their methane emissions and use them to produce energy.READ MORE

Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo panel discussion includes controversial Manomet study

The results of a study recently released by the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences has stirred up some negative publicity for biomass, as some media outlets have overlooked the complexity of the carbon analysis and simply reported that burning woody biomass for power is dirtier than coal. That carbon accounting will be the topic of discussion for Tom Walker, Manomet consultant, during the general session panel titled Answering the Sustainability Question: Addressing Citizen Opposition to Biomass Derived Power at Biomass Magazine's Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo Aug. 4-6 in Boston.READ MORE

OriginOil reports hydrogen harvest breakthrough

Algae biofuel technology company OriginOil Inc. has unveiled yet another component to its portfolio of algae growth and harvest technologies, a hydrogen harvesting process that Chief Technology Officer Brian Goodall said is a critical development for the realization of a completely integrated algal biorefinery.READ MORE

Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo tour sites announced

Biomass Magazine has officially announced the destinations of its dual-stop Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo industry tour in August, a conference precursor that is limited to the first 55 registered participants.READ MORE

MA EEA requests swift policy change following biomass study

In a July 7 letter to the Massachusetts Department of Energy and Resources, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts requests swift revision of the state's renewable portfolio standard regulations, following the release of a study outlining a complex and less-than-favorable carbon analysis of woody biomass. That request raises concerns in the biomass industry, however, because it comes before the public comment period is over, July 9.READ MORE