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EERC conference raises biomass profile in ND
Posted July 23, 2010



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INL recognized for waste-to-biodiesel process

An advanced biodiesel project developed by researchers at Idaho National Laboratory has been selected by R&D Magazine to receive a 2010 R&D 100 award. The annual competition, which recognizes outstanding technology developments with promising commercial potential, has been held by R&D Magazine since 1962.READ MORE

Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo panel discusses wood- and waste-to-energy technologies

The use of renewable fuels in commercial and light industrial boiler applications will be covered during the panel Innovative Processes and Technologies for Biomass Energy Generation during Biomass Magazine's Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo August 4-6 in Atlanta, Ga.READ MORE

Purdue researchers develop biofuel process

Researchers at Purdue University in Indiana are developing a new biofuel processing system based on fast hydropyrolysis, followed by catalytic hydrodeoxygenation. But for short, they call it H2Bioil.READ MORE

EERC workshop covers wood pellet alternatives, markets

While wood pellets have gotten a lot of attention in the biomass industry, especially in Europe, other densified feedstocks exist and can be tailored specifically for a certain boiler or customer, according to Robert White, president of Robert White Industries Inc. in Plymouth Minn. White discussed other feedstock options his company can provide at the Energy & Environmental Research Center's Biomass '10: Renewable Power, Fuels, and Chemicals Workshop July 20 in Grand Forks, N.D.READ MORE

Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo plenary session compares biomass sector road maps

Because the biomass industry is so complex, it's imperative that each sector communicates strategies and priorities with one another and the public in order to smoothly achieve its goals. The second plenary session panel at the Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo August 4-6 in Boston will allow industry leaders to demonstrate a collaborative-rather than competitive-approach to advancing these goals, with the comparison of industry road maps.READ MORE

EERC biomass workshop addresses project challenges

Challenges to commercializing large-scale renewable energy are many, but most revolve around costs and funding, as discussed by Mark Warner, vice president of process industries for Seattle-based Harris Group Inc., during Biomass '10: Renewable Power, Fuels, and Chemicals Workshop in Grand Forks, N.D. The annual event is held by the University of North Dakota's Energy & Environmental Research Center and attracts attendees from around the world.READ MORE

Gestamp, Clean Power team up in the NE

New Hampshire-based Clean Power Development LLC is teaming up with Gestamp Biomass, a division of Spain-base Gestamp Renewables, to develop a number of woody biomass combined-heat-and-power (CHP) projects in the Northeast U.S.READ MORE

Public affairs key to biomass project success

Will your project be embraced by all if it's green? The answer depends, but is largely influenced by the lengths developers go to implement an aggressive and smart public affairs strategy, according to Brad Moore, senior consultant for Barr Engineering Co. in Minneapolis. "Public affairs are the key to a project's success," he told attendees of the Energy & Environmental Research Center's Biomass '10: Renewable Power, Fuels, and Chemicals Workshop held July 20-21 in Grand Forks, N.D.READ MORE

Cellulosic ethanol projects progressing

Both Abengoa Bioenergy and Poet LLC hope to have the first commercial cellulosic ethanol plant in the world and expect to begin operation in the next few years. Poet's Emmetsburg, Iowa, plant is slated for operation in 2012, capable of producing 25 million gallons from corncobs and high-cut material, according to Adam Wirt, Poet's technology development specialist, who discussed the project at the Energy & Environmental Research Center's Biomass '10: Renewable Power, Fuels, and Chemicals Workshop July 20 and 21 in Grand Forks, N.D. "Our goal is to build the first in the world," he told attendees. "We've heard a lot of companies say that." Poet has worked with equipment manufacturers to establish collection methods for the feedstock and has identified 600 area farmers to contribute.READ MORE

Senate RES proposal not aggressive enough

The American Clean Energy Leadership Act, the Senate counterpart to the Waxman-Markey climate bill, includes a federal renewable electricity standard (RES), but renewable energy groups, while grateful for an RES at all say it's not aggressive enough.READ MORE

Manitoba Hydro seizes biomass opportunities

The province of Manitoba has significant biomass resource and capabilities, and power utility Manitoba Hydro is working to capture all possible opportunities. The fourth-largest utility in Canada, Manitoba Hydro is also the largest exporter of electricity to the U.S., according to Senior Biosystems Engineer Dennis St. George, who was a presenter at the Energy & Environmental Research Center's Biomass '10: Renewable Power, Fuels, and Chemicals Workshop held July 20-21 in Grand Forks, N.D.READ MORE

Press briefing addresses Manomet study

In the wake of misinterpretation and oversimplification of the Manomet Massachusetts biomass study findings, forest, farm and labor union representatives are speaking at a media briefing event in Holyoke, Mass., July 27. "Farmers, Forest and Labor Speak Out on New DOER Biomass Regulations" will be held in response to public input meetings held by the State Department of Energy Resources (DOER) July 27 and 28.READ MORE