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Meet You in the Northeast U.S.
Posted July 30, 2010



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Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo panel highlights export markets

Inbicon is demonstrating its cellulosic ethanol from straw process in Kalundborg, Denmark with its Inbicon Biomass Refinery technology. The 1.4 MMgy project is a springboard for the company's 20 MM gy design and the focal point of a presentation by Tom Corle, founder of the G-Team, which is marketing Inbicon's biomass refinery, during a panel at Biomass Magazine's Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo Aug. 4-6 in Boston.READ MORE

Senate energy bill ignores biofuels

After a summer of delays, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., finally unveiled the Senate's attempt at an energy bill July 27, to the disappointment of many in the biofuels industry. The 409-page bill, titled the "Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Company Accountability Act of 2010," is notably focused more on oil drilling restrictions and the BP oil spill than on energy independence. A strategy to reduce oil consumption is not introduced until halfway through the bill and is focused solely on natural gas and electric batteries as the preferred methods of reducing U.S. oil dependence.READ MORE

Letters support carbon neutrality of biomass, national RES

In a letter to U.S. House and Senate leaders last week, 114 of the nation's leading environmental scientists express concern over the proposed U.S. EPA's Tailoring Rule equating biogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with fossil fuel emissions. It's "incorrect and will impede the development of renewable biomass energy sources," the letter says.READ MORE

Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo to address feedstock issues in the NE

The Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo, Aug. 4-6 in Boston at the Westin Copley Place, will feature a panel titled, Working Out the Kinks: Addressing Feedstock Logistics in the Northeast.READ MORE

Hearings held for Nova Scotia biomass plant

Even in a province where woodlands cover around 78 percent of its total land area, the sustainability of forest-derived biomass power is in question.READ MORE

UK's DECC to grandfather dedicated biomass

The first-ever Annual Energy Statement of the U.K.'s Department of Energy and Climate Change includes grandfathering biomass under its Renewables Obligation, which governs what technologies receive renewable obligation certificates. The lack of dedicated biomass grandfathering has been a point of contention for some biomass developers in the U.K. who say acquiring funding for projects is difficult when no set level of income exists to assure investors.READ MORE

MA farmers, foresters urge caution in drafting RPS

One of the biggest challenges facing landowners is how to incentivize hired loggers to cut and utilize the low-grade wood to ensure forest health and forest growth, according to Sarah la Cour, director of conservation and planning for W.D. Cowls Inc. Land Co. and member of the Massachusetts Forest Owners Association. La Cour was one of six speakers representing foresters, farmers and labor unions at a media briefing in Holyoke, Mass., July 27, concerned that the state's renewable portfolio standard (RPS) rulemaking process will be driven more by election-year politics than sound, peer-reviewed science.READ MORE