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Northeast Conference Goes Beyond Expectations
Posted August 6, 2010



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Industrial heat and power track addresses NE projects, export markets

A panel that outlined existing and proposed biomass projects in the Northeast drew the largest crowd of all four concurrent panels in its Thursday afternoon time slot at Biomass Magazine's Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo in Boston. Almost 60 people listened to four panelists discuss their biomass endeavors, including the proposed conversion to woody biomass of a mill complex in Biddeford, Maine.READ MORE

Conference panel focuses on project finance

When it comes to building a biomass plant, whether that plant is going to produce fuel, chemicals or power, being able to secure a reliable affordable fuel supply could be the key to securing funding. That was one of the issues discussed Thursday during the Getting Started: Amassing Start-Up Capitol and Scrutinizing the Numbers panel at the Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo in Boston.READ MORE

Conference track evaluates biomass supply chains, power conversions

Biomass Magazine's Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo in Boston kicked off breakout sessions Thursday afternoon, offering nearly 300 attendees the opportunity to observe their choice of panels in four Northeast U.S.-specific tracks including electricity generation, industrial heat and power, biorefining and biomass power project development and finance. osting eight industry professionals, the electricity generation track touched on issues involving the development of economic biomass supply chains to meet industrial-scale demands, as well as logistical and technical issues associated with biomass cofiring, retrofitting and repowering.READ MORE

Conference plenary session addresses Manomet study

Biomass has made up 50 percent of the renewable energy in Massachusetts' renewable energy portfolio, according to Tom Walker, consultant for the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences, but with the release of the Manomet study, "Massachusetts Biomass Sustainability and Carbon Policy Study," in June, woody biomass is under fire. Walker was one of five speakers on the first plenary session panel at Biomass Magazine's Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo Aug. 4-6 in Boston, Mass.READ MORE

Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo tours feature district heating, pelletizing

The New England Wood Pellet plant in Jaffrey, N.H., is ringed by trees and sits on a lot piled high with bags of wood pellets, ready for sale to the company's residential customer base. The site was one of two tour locations during Biomass Magazine's Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo Aug. 4-6 in Boston. Nearly 40 tour participants were able to observe facility operations and witness how pellets are manufactured. The company has been making pellets for 19 years, according to Steve Walker, president and CEO, and designs and manufacturers much of its own equipment.READ MORE