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Posted September 11, 2008



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Netherlands plant to convert poultry litter to energy

A recently opened power plant in Moerdijk, The Netherlands, will convert 485,000 tons of poultry litter, more than one-third of the nation's manure stocks, into renewable electricity. The plant is one of the first power stations of its kind in Europe.READ MORE

USDA compares 2002, 2008 farm bills

The USDA Economic Research Service has compared provisions from the 2002 farm bill with the recently passed 2008 legislation. Notable changes were made to this year's farm bill pertaining to renewable fuels, and specifically to next-generation biofuels. Eight new provisions were created in the bill, including the addition of the Biomass Crop Assistance Program.READ MORE

Researchers study switchgrass bale storage

Uncovered big square bales will probably not work for biomass storage, even though it may be the most economical option. In their ongoing research of utilizing biomass for bioenergy, researchers at the University of Tennessee compared several systems of baling and storing switchgrass bales.READ MORE

Vermeer field tests machines to harvest biomass

Pella, Iowa-based Vermeer Corp., an agricultural, construction, environmental, and industrial equipment manufacturer, plans to field test its prototype CX770 Cob Harvester this fall. The harvester is a wagon-style cob collector that trails behind the combine so that grain and cobs can be collected in one pass.READ MORE

Terrabon facility to be completed in October

Construction on Houston-based Terrabon LLC's new semi-works biofuels conversion facility in Bryan, Texas, is progressing as scheduled. The company expects construction to be completed in October. Terrabon will use the facility to study the commercial feasibility of its proprietary MixAlco technology.READ MORE

G4G Resources launches alternative fuels subsidiary

G4G Resources, a Canadian-based mineral exploration and development company focused on alternative fuels and iron ore, has announced the incorporation of wholly-owned subsidiary Alternative Fuels Corp.READ MORE

Biomass boiler business rapidly expanding

The Lipten Co., a Wixom, Mich.-based engineering, procurement and construction business that specializes in energy solution projects for its industrial clients, recently added seven members to its biomass division. According to a company spokesman, the staff was added due to the rapidly increasing market for biomass boiler systems.READ MORE

Solazyme produces algae-based jet fuel

California-based renewable oil producer Solazyme Inc. announced Sept. 9 it has produced the world's first microbial-derived jet fuel, which was created from algae oil. The Southwest Research Institute analyzed the fuel and found it met the eleven most challenging specifications needed to meet the ASTM D1655 standard for aviation turbine fuel.READ MORE

Landfill gas helps power Siouxland Ethanol plant

Jackson, Neb.-based Siouxland Ethanol LLC has used landfill gas piped over from the L.P. Gill landfill located a mile away since December, and at press time, U.S. Energy Services is assisting the landfill in selling six months worth of carbon credits.READ MORE

Range Fuels, Ceres collaborate on biomass research

Colorado-based Range Fuels Inc., a potential commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol producer, and California-based Ceres Inc., an energy crop seed developer, have formally announced their collaboration to research, develop and commercialize energy crop feedstocks for ethanol production.READ MORE