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Incentives for biomass growers
Posted December 11, 2008



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Helius Energy receives Scottish Green Energy award

United Kingdom-based Helius Energy PLC was named the Best Environmental Initiative at the seventh annual Scottish Green Energy Awards in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Dec. 4. Helius Energy received the award for a small-scale combined heat and power biomass plant, which it's constructing under an agreement with The Combination of Rothes Distillers Ltd. in Morayshire, Scotland.READ MORE

World Bank loans money to China for biogas project

The World Bank has announced that it will invest $120 million in China's National Rural Biogas Program to use anaerobic digestion to process waste to produce biogas for cooking. The grant will help farmers in China's Anhui, Hunan, Guangxi and Hubei provinces and Chongqing municipality residents improve their living conditions.READ MORE

BHS Energy develops biomass briquette press

Pennsylvania-based BHS Energy LLC has developed a small-scale biomass briquette press designed to compress switchgrass, but is applicable for use with other biomass materials, such as waste wood. The product was designed to benefit individual farms and other small-scale entities interested in producing their own heating fuel.READ MORE

Worldwatch report highlights biomass power, CHP

A new report from the Worldwatch Institute, titled "Low-Carbon Energy: A Roadmap," states that increased biomass power production and more combined heat and power systems are integral to retiring by 2030 hundreds of coal-fired power plants that now provide 40 percent of the world's power.READ MORE

Biomass Board release feedstocks report

Biomass feedstocks and their cost, sustainability and greenhouse gas impacts are the focus of an interagency report that outlines research priorities, and suggests that new technologies will be the linchpin to developing a sustainable biofuel industry to meet national goals.READ MORE

Maine wood pellet facility to start up in 2009

Geneva Wood Fuels recently announced that its Strong Maine Wood Pellet facility in Strong, Maine, is on target to begin start-up operations in the first quarter of 2009. The company plans to produce wood pellets for the home-heating market under the brand name Maine's Choice.READ MORE

TVA accepts renewable power generation proposals

The Tennessee Valley Authority, created in 1933 under former president Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, is requesting proposals through Jan. 16 for the supply of up to 2,000 megawatts of "dispatchable" capacity and "as-available" energy from biomass and other renewable sources.READ MORE

Researchers demo Hi-Tech Agro pellet mill

A handful of biomass pellet manufacturers, agribusiness investment bankers, biomass business consultants and biomass researchers demonstrated the Hi-Tech Agro PL500 flat-die pellet mill to representatives from Hi-Tech Agro Projects Private Ltd., a biomass densification system manufacturer based in New Delhi, India, on Dec. 9. The mill is being used to test how energy crops in the U.S. can be made into pellets for combustion and other applications.READ MORE