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Forest carbon packs the house
Posted January 30, 2009



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UK supermarket sets zero-waste goal

Sainsbury, a United Kingdom supermarket chain, is launching a zero food waste initiative starting in Scotland. Sainsbury's 28 Scotland stores will begin diverting approximately 42 tons of food waste per week from the landfill to be made into biofuel and electricity.READ MORE

Companies partner on India biomass projects

Green energy developer W2 Energy Inc. and renewable energy product developer Alpha Renewable Energy announced Jan. 22 they are collaborating on the development and sale of biomass-to-energy plants in India.READ MORE

Ontario company to build hemp plant

Ontario-based Stonehedge Bio-Resources Inc. has received $2 million from United Kingdom investors to construct an industrial hemp processing plant in eastern Ontario. The plant will produce products and coproducts, such as wood-like chips and pellets, that will be used for multiple applications, including energy production.READ MORE

Colorado biomass projects receive NEED grants

Eight Colorado organizations received New Energy Economic Development grants, which were provided by Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter's Energy Office through the state Clean Energy Funds. A total of $370,000 was awarded to biomass, energy efficiency, wind, solar and other projects.READ MORE

Companies developing biomass robot engine

Robotic Technologies Inc. has contracted with Cyclone Power Technologies Inc. to develop a biomass engine system to power the company's Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot, a vehicle which will be capable of self-obtaining and ingesting biomass to produce energy to power itself.READ MORE

Senators introduce biogas tax incentive legislation

A bipartisan group of U.S. senators introduced legislation Jan. 22 to promote the development of biogas. Under the Biogas Production Incentive Act of 2009, producers would receive a tax credit of $4.27 for every million British thermal units of produced biogas.READ MORE

Production, demand for renewable energy increasing

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration's latest report, the U.S. electric power industry is increasing its capacity using renewable energy sources more than any other resource. As well, the report stated that wood and wood-derived fuels continue to be the largest source of renewable generation.READ MORE

Dow, Süd-Chemie to turn syngas into chemicals, fuel

The Dow Chemical Co. of Midland, Mich., has announced it will work with Germany's Süd-Chemie Group to develop catalysts that can be used to convert syngas derived from biomass into hydrocarbons for the production of liquid fuels and chemicals.READ MORE