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CHP Promises Big Efficiencies
Posted February 13, 2009



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Global Energy announces Georgia landfill gas project

Global Energy Systems, a subsidiary of Global Energy Holdings Group Inc., recently acquired the right to purchase landfill gas produced at the Conley, Ga.-based Hickory Ridge landfill, which is owned and operated by Republic Services Inc. The company plans to convert the methane gas to energy products.READ MORE

Blade Energy Crops releases switchgrass guide

Blade Energy Crops, a seed brand of Ceres Inc., has released a 20-page guide, titled "Planting and Managing Switchgrass as a Dedicated Energy crop 2009," which summarizes the most recent data and experiences from the company's energy crop trialing network.READ MORE National Ethanol Conference

Brown-rot fungus findings may help biofuels

More than 50 scientists led by a team of researchers at the U.S. DOE Joint Genome Institute and the USDA Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory have translated the genetic code of the brown-rot fungus, an organism that efficiently colonizes and decays wood. According to the JGI, the findings explain the fungi's biochemistry and provide a detailed inventory of biomass-degrading enzymes.READ MORE

Verdezyne, Syngenta sign R&D agreement

Syngenta Biotechnology Inc. and Verdezyne Inc. announced Feb. 9 the signing of a research and development agreement. Under the agreement, Verdezyne will use its unique technology platform to synthesize novel genes that will be tested for optimized expression of enzymes in plants by Syngenta.READ MORE

Congress considers RPS

U.S. Congressional members have proposed legislation to enact a renewable portfolio standard (RPS) that would require a certain percentage of electricity sold to retail customers to be obtained from renewable sources, such as biomass, wind, solar and geothermal. Several states have enacted an RPS; however, there is no federal standard.READ MORE

Senate stimulus bill includes biomass provisions

The U.S. Senate passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 on Feb. 10. Similar to the House stimulus package, which was passed Jan. 28, the Senate's legislation extended the production tax credit for biomass energy until 2013, but provided less total funding for energy projects. At press time, a conference committee was reconciling the differences between the two bills.READ MORE
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