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Posted February 20, 2009



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RWE Innogy establishes biogas partnership

Germany-based RWE Innogy has signed a cooperative agreement with the Agricultural Association in western Germany to build and operate facilities that will produce biogas from liquid manure. The biogas will be pumped into the public natural gas pipeline and sold by RWE Innogy's sister company RWE Energy.READ MORE

New York company exports woodchips to Sweden

New York-based woodchip supplier Green Energy Resources has signed a two-year $50 million contract with an unnamed entity in Sweden to supply fuel woodchips. According to Joseph Murray, Green Energy Resources' president and chief executive officer, the company specializes in fusing urban waste wood streams and forestry products to produce a dry woodchip.READ MORE National Ethanol Conference

Anaerobic membrane bioreactor cleans effluent

ADI Systems Inc., a Fredericton, New Brunswick-based biological treatment technology provider for industrial wastewater management and renewable energy generation, has successfully installed an anaerobic membrane bioreactor that effectively reduces the biochemical oxygen demand for wastewater effluent from an anaerobic digester to nearly zero.READ MORE

Wisconsin researchers convert cellulose into biofuels

Wisconsin researchers have developed a two-step chemical method to convert the cellulose in untreated biomass into the biofuel 2,5-dimethylfuran. The key to the process is the first step in which cellulose is converted into the platform chemical 5-hydroxymethylfurfural, said Ronald Raines, a University of Wisconsin professor.READ MORE

NextStep Biofuels, EGB sign feedstock agreement

NextStep Biofuels Inc., a Gretna, Neb.-based cellulosic ethanol development company, announced Feb. 17 it has signed a multi-year feedstock supply agreement with Nebraska-based Energy Grains Biomass LLC. EGB will provide NextStep with corn stover, which will be utilized as a cellulosic ethanol feedstock.READ MORE

Stimulus bill includes renewable energy provisions

On Feb. 17, U.S. President Barack Obama signed the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act into law, which includes a number of biomass and biofuel provisions. According to a fact sheet released by the White House, the Clean Energy Finance Authority program is included in the recovery plan, which will revive the renewable industry and double the amount of renewable energy produced over the next three years.READ MORE
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