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Biomass Conference Exceeds Expectations
Posted April 30, 2009



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25Farmers Network plants 2009 trials of new crops

Participants in the 25Farmers Network will grow sunflowers, sweet sorghum and switchgrass this summer for use in manufacturing biomaterials and biofuels. It is the first crop they will plant for the program. The farmers will learn first-hand how to manage the new crops in the region and assess their variability as a long-term source in an ongoing pipeline, according to Memphis Bioworks. Their crops could be used in manufacturing biobased plastics, cleaning products, automotive components and consumer products like high fashion clothing and industrial plastics.READ MORE

Aquafuel tests new biogas cleanup technology

A new biogas cleanup technology has successfully passed first-phase trials conducted by United Kingdom-based Aquafuel Research Ltd. The technology offers a low-cost treatment for landfill gas used in diesel engine electricity generators. Landfill gas, like sewage gas and other biogases, contains corrosive hydrogen sulfide which shortens the life of the lubrication oil in the engines used for electricity generation. Aquafuel's technology doubles the life of the engine's lubrication oil resulting in reduced oil consumption while reducing downtime and operational costs.READ MORE

Small-scale distributed energy benefits Wisconsin

If Wisconsin would take advantage of "low hanging fruit" and cash in on the state's biomass potential via small-scale distributed energy systems, advantages would reach both the agricultural sector and rural communities, according to a recently released Program on Agricultural Technologies (PATS) policy perspective. 'How Could Small Scale Distributed Energy Benefit Wisconsin Agriculture and Rural Communities?' was published in late April.READ MORE

KL Energy expands to Brazil

Cellulosic ethanol developer KL Energy Corp. has announced it will expand into Brazil, as a result of a partnership with renewable energy business development company add blue Ltda. Through an exclusive cooperation agreement, the companies will construct a demonstration-scale cellulosic ethanol plant in Brazil to implement KL Energy's enzymatic process. KL Energy CEO Steve Corcoran told Biomass Magazine that the company began talks with add blue in mid-2008, when KL Energy executives visited several sugarcane mills, technology institutes and investors in Brazil.READ MORE

BIO: California LCFS could hamper biofuels

California's adoption of a low-carbon fuel standard jeopardizes continued development of the advanced biofuels it is intended to promote. Biotechnology Industry Organization Executive Vice President Brent Erickson said, "The biotechnology industry supports and applauds California's attempt to mitigate the impact of transportation on climate change through adoption of a low-carbon fuel standard. Unfortunately, the rule adopted today in particular the inclusion of indirect land-use change measurements and methodology may discourage investment in continued research and development of the same low-carbon biofuels that are needed by California to meet its goals.READ MORE

California adopts LCFS

Following months of consideration and public commentary sessions, members of the California Air Resources Board held a final day-long hearing April 23 to consider the adoption of a low-carbon fuel standard. Board members voted 9-1 in favor of the regulation, setting in motion a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in the state by 16 million metric tons by 2020 and to require biofuel producers to meet "carbon intensity" standards, which include indirect land-use change (ILUC) considerations.READ MORE

BIOMASS examines carbon cap and trade

Issues surrounding biomass-related greenhouse gas reduction opportunities and cap and trade systems were the topic of discussion during the second general session at the 2009 BIOMASS Conference & Expo in Portland, Ore. The session, which investigated possible issues surrounding carbon capture and trade in the U.S., included speakers Rena Gelb, vice president of Carbon Credit Capital; Bill Holmes, Stoel Rives LLP partner; and Peter Weisberg, offset project analyst of Onsite Power SystemsREAD MORE

BIOMASS draws more than 1,000 to Portland

The 2009 International BIOMASS Conference & Expo in Portland, Ore., April 28-30 drew a record crowd of more than 1,000 attendees representing 25 nations. With six unique tracks and over 100 speakers, the event served as a timely and informative opportunity for networking across the biomass utilization and optimization industries. "Biomass will change the world's energy future," said Mike Bryan, CEO of BBI International, who gave the opening remarks. "[Biomass-derived power] will do this in a way that does not create global conflict ... as an ambassador for peace."READ MORE