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Posted July 24, 2009



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Towards Biosolar Cells program receives government funding

The Dutch Government recently gave Towards Biosolar Cells program in the Netherlands the green light to begin research, along with €25 million in funding. The research will focus on increasing the efficiency of sunlight conversion to energy and building materials in plants and algae through photosynthesis.READ MORE

International WoodFuels to build pellet mill in Maine

Burnham, Maine, will be the home of an International WoodFuels wood pellet plant capable of producing 100,000 tons of pellets annually from locally sourced wood. A groundbreaking for the facility will be held late in the summer and the plant is expected to be operational by next summer. The $20 million plant is a partnership between WoodFuels and Maine & Co., a nonprofit business development team.READ MORE Fuel Ethanol Workshop

A systems approach to biofuels sustainability

Biofuels sustainability can be addressed by considering the agricultural, energy and environmental sectors as one large system, according to ‘Biofuels, Land and Water: A Systems Approach to Sustainability,' a recent study by researchers at the Argonne National Laboratory. A problem for one sector could be a resource for another.READ MORE

Agri-Tech selects torrefaction equipment manufacturer

Torrefaction technology development company Agri-Tech Producers LLC has selected South Carolina-based Kusters Zima Corp. as its engineering/manufacturing partner for the production of its torrefaction equipment. Agri-Tech is utilizing a technology developed at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, which the company obtained an exclusive license for in February.READ MORE

Fiberight to construct waste-to-energy mini mills

Virginia-based waste fiber-to-fuel company Fiberight has been working quietly for the past three years, but may soon make a splash in the biofuel industry. The company has been developing technology that sorts and transforms municipal solid waste into cellulosic fibers, which are extracted into biofuel through an energy recovery system. The process chemicals and enzymes used for conversion of cellulosic fibers are recycled, and its transformational system divides organic and inorganic wastes and converts them according to type.READ MORE

Q Microbe achieves unprecedented ethanol outputs

Massachusetts-based Qteros achieved unprecedented lab results in the performance of its complete cellulosic conversion technology, the company announced Tuesday. Its Q Microbe can achieve outputs of 70 grams per liter, or 9 percent by volume, in a single-step process on industrially pretreated cellulosic biomass feedstocks such as corn stover, sugarcane and woody biomass, according to the company. The threshold for commercial production of cellulosic ethanol is considered to be 50 grams per liter. Qteros says this breakthrough its process the most economic to date.READ MORE
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