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Massachusetts Biomass Projects Get No Help From the Press
Posted August 20, 2009



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Rocky Mountain Biodiesel holds grand opening

Rocky Mountain Biodiesel held its grand opening Aug. 19 at its new 1 MMgy production facility completed in June in Parker, Colo. The company produces biofuel from local waste vegetable oil, diverting it from the landfill and municipal waste treatment plants. The company Web site offers free pickup of WVO in the Denver area, and from the surrounding area restaurants for a nominal monthly fee.READ MORE

Helius Energy, whisky distillery form joint venture

U.K.-based Helius Energy PLC announced the formation of a joint venture with the Combination of Rothes Distillers called Helius CoRDe that will utilize whiskey distillation byproducts to produce power, organic fertilizer and animal feed. The $45 million project in Morayshire, Scotland, will involve the construction of a "GreenFields" process plant and a 7.2 megawatt "GreenSwitch" combined-heat-and-power plant.READ MORE

Study investigates potential for biomass from grass in ND

A study in North Dakota aims to determine what types of grasses can sustain the state's soil and climate conditions while yielding the most biomass. The North Dakota State University Central Grasslands Resource Extension Center in Streeter has teamed up with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, the North Dakota Commerce Department and the Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics, among others, to conduct the 10-year study. It will evaluate production, carbon sequestration, economics and longevity of perennial forages in the western and central portions of the state.READ MORE

Kentucky waste-to-ethanol plant closer to construction

A waste-to-ethanol plant planned for Pike County, Ky., has suffered setbacks in the bleak economy but Agresti Biofuels, the company that will construct and operate it, and some Pike County officials believe it's inching closer to fruition. The 20 MMgy plant would take in waste from eastern Kentucky counties and once fully operational will be able to handle 1,500 tons of municipal solid waste daily. Pike County residents generate about 400 tons daily, which opens the door for neighboring counties to take part in the project.READ MORE

Proposed Colorado biodiesel plant signs offtake agreement

Rocky Mountain Sustainable Enterprises LLC has signed an offtake agreement with Gray Oil Company Inc. for its 4.5 MMgy biodiesel plant under development at Fort Morgan, Colo. The $5 million plant scheduled to break ground this fall will supply up to 4.5 million gallons annually to the regional fuel distributor.READ MORE

BPA launches campaign to extend, increase biomass power tax credit

The Biomass Power Association is investing $250,000 in a campaign to extend and increase the 2004 Jobs Act tax credit for biomass power plants, which expires at the end of this year. The campaign will include educational briefings on Capitol Hill, facility tours, advertising on cable and the Internet, an overhaul of the BPA Web site and interviews with the media.READ MORE

Connecticut company to produce low-cost cellulosic ethanol

As corn ethanol producers continue to deal with tight margins and tough markets, a new name in the industry prepares to launch itself to the front of the class by producing cellulosic ethanol for less than $1 per gallon. Connecticut-based American Energy Enterprises Inc. plans to construct a commercial-scale ethanol production facility in New Milford, Conn., and according to company chairman Christopher Brown, will use wood waste to produce ethanol at a cost of 80 cents to 85 cents per gallon.READ MORE

NASA researchers develop cellulosic technology

Scientists at NASA Ames Research Center in California are working to develop an enzymatic hydrolysis process that could be used to convert waste biomass material into food and fuel, using what is called bionanotechnology. The research team is assembling enzyme structures with multiple functions, modeled after a natural enzyme complex that breaks down inedible plant material into usable sugars. While the Ames researchers are working primarily to develop technologies applicable for use in space, this research may also be applicable for fuel and chemical projects on Earth.READ MORE