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It's all about feedstocks . . .
Posted July 10, 2008



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NBPA, Alabama company to produce biofuel

The National Biomass Producers Association and Florence, Ala.-based biomass technology provider Renewable Oil International LLC are creating a partnership to convert nongrain-based biomass into biofuel, biochemicals and power.READ MORE

Iowa researchers study ground cover, corn

Researchers at Iowa State University have been studying the possibilities of using certain types of ground cover to replace corn stover, allowing the stalks and leaves to safely be removed from fields for use in ethanol production.READ MORE

Study: Biofuel production may affect climate

According to a paper published in the July-September 2008 issue of the journal Environmental Research Letters, the "carbon payback time" for biofuels mandates will be decades to centuries before biofuel feedstocks grown on agricultural land expand into productive tropical ecosystems.READ MORE

Biom�thodes, Virginia Tech sign agreement

French biotechnology company Biom�thodes has signed an exclusive worldwide option-to-license agreement with Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties Inc. for multiple technologies designed to convert biomass into ethanol and biobased hydrogen.READ MORE

EU considers lowering biofuels targets

The European Parliament's Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety issued a recommendation July 7 that the European Union use caution while developing its renewable fuels policies and consider lowering its target for future use.READ MORE

Pure Power offers willow cuttings, publication

Pure Power Global's New Zealand technology center rolled out its commercial offering of a new biomass crop-a variety of willow cuttings for foresters and farmers. The announcement followed the launch of its new publication, "Energy Farming with Willow," which covers a range of topics from breeding and propagation to establishment, management, harvesting and pest control.READ MORE

Biomass Commodity Exchange in development

Middleton, Wis.-based CleanTech Partners Inc. announced July 9 that implementation of the Biomass Commodity Exchange project is currently in progress.READ MORE

ABF, Mascoma to develop cellulosic ethanol

Associate British Foods, a London company, has announced a strategic collaboration with Massachusetts-based Mascoma Corp. to develop advanced conversion methods for the production of cellulosic ethanol.READ MORE

2012 Olympics to be powered by biomass

Paris-based Suez Energy Services was recently awarded a $178 million contract for its subsidiary Elyo to build, finance and operate two energy centers in London that will use biomass to power the Olympic Park and its surrounding areas during the 2012 Olympics.READ MORE

BBI to host advanced biofuels conference

BBI International will host the Advanced Biofuels Workshop and Trade Show on September 28-30 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The conference will address where and how advanced biofuels will be produced and marketed. The federal renewable fuels standard requires that 21 billion gallons of advanced biofuels be produced by 2022.READ MORE