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California Fires Illustrate Need for Forest Thinning
Posted September 4, 2009



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Sugar-based ethanol company projects 80 percent lower GHG emissions than gasoline

Highlands EnviroFuels LLC has completed a life-cycle analysis of greenhouse gas emissions that demonstrates that the company's planned sugar–based ethanol process will result in 80 percent lower GHG emissions than the equivalent petroleum-based gasoline.READ MORE

Fulcrum Bioenergy announces next-generation ethanol breakthrough

Fulcrum BioEnergy Inc. announced Sept. 1 that it has successfully demonstrated the ability to economically produce renewable ethanol. This milestone – achieved at the company's TurningPoint Ethanol Demonstration Plant – confirms the second of the two new technologies that Fulcrum will use for the large-scale production of transportation fuel from garbage that would otherwise be landfilled.READ MORE 9-4

Wood combustion company offers smaller version of furnace

Massachusetts-based Biomass Combustion Systems added a new product to its line of industrial wood-burning furnaces. The 250,000 Btu per hour Shop Heater Furnace is a smaller version of the company's 500,000 and 800,000 Btu furnaces, which it has sold for 23 years. The 250,000 Btu furnace is designed for commercial and industrial facilities 5,000 square feet and smaller, according to Biomass Combustion Systems Principal Charles Cary. The smaller design was released after the company received several customer inquiries into smaller systems.READ MORE

USDA's list of BCAP qualifiers grows

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced the USDA had made the first matching payment under the Biomass Crop Assistance Program, a 2008 Farm Bill program, which provides financial assistance to producers or entities that deliver eligible biomass material to designated biomass conversion facilities for use as heat, power, biobased products or biofuels. And that list is quickly growing.READ MORE

Forth Energy plans four biomass power plants in Scotland

U.K. power utility Scottish and Southern Energy plc and Edinburgh, Scotland, port operator Forth Ports have announced plans to construct four 100-megawatt biomass power plants at four separate locations in Scotland. In June 2008, SSE and Forth Ports formed Forth Energy, a joint venture to develop renewable energy projects around Forth Ports' sites in Scotland and England. The proposed plants would produce heat and energy to be used at the port sites, as well as exported to the grid for commercial sale. Locations include Dundee, Leith, Rosyth and Grangemouth.READ MORE

Wisconsin paper mill may host biomass power plant

North American papermaker Domtar Corp.'s paper mill in Rothschild, Mich., may become the future site of We Energies' $250 million cogeneration biomass power plant, the companies announced Sept. 1. The paper mill, built in 1909, has an annual paper production capacity of 147,000 tons and an annual pulp production capacity of 60,000 tons. The 50-megawatt biomass power plant would share the mill's current location and use recycled mill waste (bark and sludge residues) from the papermaking process, and waste wood from area forest operations and saw mills. This will eliminate the use of fossil fuels at the paper mill, and generate enough electricity to power roughly 40,000 homes.READ MORE

U.K. biomass plant gets the go-ahead

The U.K. government has approved construction of a 60-megawatt biomass power plant at the Port of Tilbury Docks in Essex that is expected to be operational in 2012. The plant will run on 300,000 metric tons annually of wood chips and wood waste, and another 300,000 metric tons of solid recovered fuel from sources such as household waste, according to the developer, Tilbury Green Power, a subsidiary of Express Energy. The feedstock will be delivered by boat and barge mostly from Europe and the U.S. and some from the U.K. The company hopes to use more biomass from the U.K. in the next three to five years, as local sources are established. The plant will create 120 sustainable jobs, along with about 380 during the three-year construction period, according to the company.READ MORE

Biomass project development list grows

Several new biomass power plants are in the works including two in the U.S. and one in British Columbia, Canada, on the Lower Nicola Indian Band reservation in Merritt.READ MORE