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Biorefineries Starting to Emerge?
Posted September 11, 2009



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El Paso plant expands to 15 MMgy

Construction is nearing completion on an expansion of Global Alternative Fuels LLC at El Paso, Texas, tripling its capacity to 15 MMgy. Global Alternative expects to begin commissioning in early October, bringing the expansion on line in November, one month shy of its first anniversary in December. SRS Engineering Corp., Murrieta, Calif., has been contracted to complete the expansion.READ MORE

Maine's second biodiesel producer comes on line

Jarmin Kaltsas was making biodiesel for heating a Maine greenhouse when his grandfather told his cousin Dean Sgouros to go see his project. "I was impressed," Sgouros recalled, and the two were soon planning a biodiesel plant. Three years later, the cousins' company, Maine Bio-Fuel Inc., is in production with a 1.5 MMgy batch process at Portland, Maine. Kaltsas is president and Sgouros is vice president of sales and marketing. Sized to match the regional supply of waste vegetable oil, the plant includes a two-stage process with esterification and transesterification and a dry-wash system.READ MORE

DOE provides loan guarantee application tips

The U.S. DOE provided application suggestions to potential loan guarantee candidates during a Sept. 8 Wwebinar, emphasizing key attributes that may positively influence a project's financial and technical evaluations during the Loan Guarantee Program application review process. DOE Program Manager Michael Fraser identified characteristics to strengthen the financial review of project applications. Information on third–party supply and off-take agreements to support revenue and cost projections, or having a reliable source of raw materials or a buyer committed to purchasing the output of a project at a certain price, are compared favorably to applications that do not, he said, as these are helpful determinants of credit quality.READ MORE

NY energy crop project to develop regional bioenergy model

A project in central New York aims to provide necessary data to those interested in growing energy crops or embracing them as fuel source, which includes estimates of total suitable land available by biomass type as well as the estimated cost and volume of shrub willow and various grasses that could be available to energy users in a specific region. The project was launched in June and is funded by the New York Farm Viability Institute, a farmer-led nonprofit organization based in Syracuse, N,Y., that supports projects that help farmers improve profitability. The NYFVI receives funds from state legislature and the New York Department of Agriculture and Markets.READ MORE

Scottish recycling project to include food waste

In response to a report on the staggering amount of food waste in Scotland, Scottish Water Waste Services is expanding its garden waste collection and recycling project to include food waste from supermarkets, food manufacturers and households, the company announced Sept. 8. The study, conducted by Waste & Resources Action Programme Scotland, found that Scottish households throw away 1 billion pounds of food every year.READ MORE

NC explores energy crops, forest biomass for biofuel feedstocks

The Biofuels Center of North Carolina, Oxford, is investigating the potential for in-state biofuels production from homegrown energy crops and forest biomass. Industry leaders, elected officials and others toured the center's four-acre plot of more than a dozen energy crops and fast-growth trees during the North Carolina Grows Biofuels event at the end of August.READ MORE