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BCAP Attracts a Lot of Attention
Posted September 18, 2009



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Darling, Valero apply for DOE loan guarantee

The nation's largest independent renderer, Darling International Inc. has teamed up with Valero Energy Corp. to apply for a U.S. DOE loan guarantee to build a facility capable of producing over 10,000 barrels per day (135 MMgy) of renewable diesel on a site next to Valero's St. Charles oil refinery near Norco, La.READ MORE

Kentucky sets biomass, biofuel production goals

Kentucky has developed a 21-member executive task force to facilitate the development of a statewide sustainable biomass and biofuels industry, and to educate state legislators on the ability to utilize local biomass to achieve this goal. The task force held its first meeting Sept. 2, and determined the state needs to produce 25 million tons of biomass annually by 2025 in order for Kentucky to adequately contribute to the federal renewable fuel standard and a state renewable portfolio standard. The state should also produce enough biofuels by 2025 to meet 12 percent, or 775 million gallons per year, of its transportation fuel demand.READ MORE

Construction begins on Alberta-based advanced energy research facility

Construction has begun on a $10 million advanced energy research facility at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. The facility, which is being jointly developed by the city of Edmonton and the government of Alberta, will be used to conduct research on the conversion of various types of waste into renewable fuels and chemicals. According to information released by the city of Edmonton, it is expected that research at the new facility will focus on the conversion of waste generated by various industries, including the oil, gas, agriculture and forestry industries, as well as the municipal sector.READ MORE

Study: UK could dedicate more land to energy crops

A recent study performed by the U.K. Research Councils Rural Economy and Land Use Program indicates that short-rotation coppice (SRC) willow and miscanthus generate high-carbon savings and greenhouse gas reductions when used to produce energy. The research project aimed to investigate the potential implications of increasing the area currently used for growing SRC willow and miscanthus in two study regions-the Southwest and East Midland regions in England-and to develop tools for assessing the potential effects of different expansion scenarios in the U.K.READ MORE

Researchers evaluate sweet sorghum-to-ethanol potential in Maryland

A study to determine whether sweet sorghum is a viable crop on the Delmarva Peninsula in Maryland is in its first year and might lead to the construction of an ethanol plant on the peninsula. Researchers from Salisbury University's Richard A. Henson School of Science and Technology collaborated with researchers from the University of Delaware, the University of Maryland at College Park, local farmers and the Lower Eastern Shore Research & Education Center for the three-year study. They established a one-acre plot of eight different types of sorghum on the Wicomico County farm, according to Christopher Briand, associate professor of biological sciences at Salisbury University.READ MORE

Placer County studies viability of biomass power plant

Lake Tahoe in Placer County, Calif., might see the construction of a biomass power plant in the coming years, as county officials look for economical and environmentally friendly ways to reduce wildfire risks in the dense forests there. The county has proposed a plant that could produce 1 to 3 megawatts be built on the north shore of Lake Tahoe in Kings Beach adjacent to a 12-megawatt NV Energy load stability station.READ MORE

USDA BCAP qualifier list nearly triples

The USDA has updated the list of qualifiers for the Biomass Crop Assistance Program, bringing the running total to 23. Under the BCAP program, biomass producers, who sell their crops to qualified biomass conversion facilities, are eligible to receive up to 75 percent of the cost of establishing and planting eligible biomass crops within a BCAP project area. In addition, the USDA will provide annual payments to help compensate for lost opportunity costs until the crops are established, and will provide further financial assistance for the collection, harvest, storage and transportation of biomass crops by matching the amounts paid to producers by the biomass conversion facility, up to $45 per dry ton.READ MORE

Mascoma, CTV enter into feedstock supply agreement

New Hampshire-based Mascoma Corp. recently announced it has entered into a two-year feedstock processing and lignin supply agreement with Chevron Technology Ventures, a division of Chevron U.S.A. Inc. Under the agreement, CTV will provide a variety of lignocellulosic feedstocks to Mascoma.READ MORE

Viaspace to supply Giant King Grass for China power plant trial

Renewable energy company Viaspace Inc. has signed a memorandum of understanding with Beijing, China-based biomass power provider DP Cleantech, to supply Giant China King Grass for testing at a Cleantech power plant. Viaspace holds a worldwide license to grow and cultivate the fast-growing perennial plant, which it acquired in the fall of 2008.READ MORE