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Shedding Some Biomass
Posted October 16, 2009



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RWE plans to generate electricity from algal diesel

Renewed World Energies Corp. has begun work on a five-acre site to turn algae biomass into green diesel and electricity at Georgetown, S.C., with a goal of being in production by late 2010. Between three and four acres of photobioreactors are planned to produce algae-based fuels to generate electrical energy.READ MORE

Wastewater sludge, wood waste to fuel Georgia power plant

A $100 million project set to break ground next year in Valdosta, Ga., will utilize wastewater, wastewater sludge and wood waste in the operation of a 40-megawatt biomass power plant. The Wiregrass Electric Generating Facility will be constructed by Wiregrass Power LLC, a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Sterling Energy Assets, and will be built on 22 acres next to the Mud Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.READ MORE

Pennsylvania project uses mine lands for biofuel crops

A project in Pennsylvania seeks to determine if abandoned and active mine lands can be reclaimed and used to grow biofuel crops such as switchgrass and other warm-season grass species. Pennsylvania has about 180,000 acres of abandoned mine land, plus active mine land, that is not being used currently for food, feed or fiber.READ MORE

Minnesota research facility focuses on sweet sorghum

A shuttered ethanol production research facility is preparing to restart with a new focus of operation. After exploring a few dedicated energy crop options, it was determined that work at the ethanol production facility would be focused on utilizing juice from sweet sorghum to produce ethanol as a viable alternative to corn-based ethanol.READ MORE

MGT biomass power plant will supply power to UK grocer

A planned 295 megawatt biomass power plant in Teesport, England, will supply 100 percent of the power required for grocer Tesco's local import warehouse. MGT Power will own and operate the Tees Renewable Energy Plant, set for construction beginning in the first quarter of next year. The 500 million pound ($815 million) plant will run on about 2.4 million metric tons of woodchips per year and operate 24 hours a day. The chips will be sourced from certified sustainable forestry operations in North and South America and the Baltic Seas, according to MGT.READ MORE

NRG evaluates biomass potential in Louisiana

NRG Energy Inc. has begun a pilot-scale biomass growing project at its Big Cajun II electrical generation site in Louisiana that could result in commercial-scale biomass use by the company. A 20-acre plot was seeded with switchgrass and high-biomass sorghum at the recommendation of Ceres Inc., a developer and marketer of high-yield energy grasses. The choices were made after careful consideration of the environment, climate and soil types in the area.READ MORE

Coskata completes semi-commercial cellulosic ethanol plant, chooses commercial plant site

Slow and steady wins the race, according to Coskata Inc. CEO Bill Roe. The company, along with strategic investor General Motors and plasma gasification veteran Alter NRG Corp., officially unveiled its semi-commercial cellulosic ethanol facility near Madison, Pa., on Oct. 15. Though slightly behind the start-up date announced initially, Roe attributed the company's progress to a "hybrid approach" to cellulosic ethanol-a combination of biochemical and thermochemical technologies-and the significance of being truly feedstock flexible.READ MORE