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Posted November 6, 2009



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Biodiesel lab project goes commercial

Renewable Products Development Laboratories has recently received patents for its biodiesel process technologies and is now looking to market its product under the name Biomass Renewable Technologies Inc., after years of research and development work. "Representing ourselves as a laboratory while we tried to market our technology could have proven deadly for us, so we changed our name," said Emilia Gonzalez-Clements, chief operating officer for BRT.READ MORE

Biomass creates opportunities for wildlife, agriculture

There could be a balance in managing land for energy and wildlife simultaneously, creating several opportunities for both sectors, according to Dave Nomsen, vice president of governmental affairs for Pheasants Forever. Nomsen spoke at the Great Plains Institute's Nov. 2 conference, The Future of Coal and Biomass in a Carbon-Constrained World: Technology and Policy Opportunities for the Midwest, held on the North Dakota State University campus.READ MORE 1

GPI conference addresses options for meeting U.S. emissions reduction goals

The best way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants in the U.S. is to replace plants that are more than 25 years old with facilities that coproduce electricity and synthetic fuels from coal and biomass while employing carbon capture and storage systems, according to Robert Williams, senior research scientist at the Princeton Environmental Institute.READ MORE

California company commissions compact gasification pilot plant

A compact gasification pilot plant in Des Plaines, Ill., will be commissioned today by developer Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne, Canoga, Calif., and its team of organizations and partners. The plant will be located at the Gas Technology Institute and will have the capacity to consume 18 tons of blended feedstock per day. The system will run on coal, petroleum coke-derived from oil refinery coker units and other cracking processes-and biomass.READ MORE

US, UK biomass power projects given go-ahead

After three years of project planning and evaluation, Xcel Energy has been given the green light to convert what was once solely a coal-fired power plant into the largest 100 percent woody biomass-fired power plant in the Midwest. Across the Atlantic Ocean, construction of an 80-MW biomass power plant in the U.K. has been granted approval by Energy and Climate Change Minister David Kidney.READ MORE

Metabolix completes field trial of genetically-engineered tobacco

Massachusetts-based Metabolix Inc. recently completed a field trial of a bioplastic-producing tobacco crop, helping lay the groundwork for planning and permitting of other biomass crop field trials for bioplastics. The tobacco in the 0.8-acre field trial was genetically engineered to express polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) biobased polymers. The experiment is not a commercial opportunity for the company, but was used to validate and learn more about processes for future work in plant-based programs with nonfood crops such as switchgrass, oilseeds and sugarcane.READ MORE