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The End of an Era
Posted November 20, 2009



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Joint venture formed to fund sweet sorghum ethanol project

EPEC Biofuels Holdings Inc. and DPG Investments LLC have announced the establishment of a joint venture. The two entities have formed a platform company, EPEC Finance LLC, which will provide project financing to EPEC Biofuels and select financing initiatives in the biofuels and renewable energy sectors. EPEC Finance has been granted the exclusive rights to fund up to $376 million of project financing for EPEC Biofuels. EPEC Biofuels plans to use the funds to manufacture and deploy its proprietary ethanol production units on select sweet sorghum farms throughout the country.READ MORE

Bioethanol plant in Denmark inaugurated

The Inbicon A/S bioethanol plant in Kalundborg, Denmark, will be prepared to distribute its first stock of fuel next year, with the capacity to produce 5.4 million liters annually. The facility, one of the world's first demonstration plants for second-generation bioethanol, was inaugurated Nov. 18 by His Royal Highness Prince Joachim and will run on about 30,000 metric tons of straw per year, according to Inbicon, a Dong Energy technology company.READ MORE

ZeaChem's semi-commercial cellulosic ethanol facility under construction

Cellulosic ethanol developer ZeaChem Inc. has announced it has begun construction of a 250,000-gallon-per-year semi-commercial scale production facility. The company has enlisted Hazen Research Inc. in Golden, Colo., to fabricate the front-end fermentation modules and will install the units at ZeaChem's Boardman, Ore., site. The facility is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2010.READ MORE

Study: Carbon dioxide in biomass gasification increases efficiency

When carbon dioxide is used in biomass gasification, it increases the conversion efficiency and offers a solution for processing carbon dioxide on a global scale, according to a recent study by Columbia University. Researchers there processed 50 different kinds of biomass including beach grass, pine needles, poplar wood and municipal solid waste, along with coal, at temperatures of 25 to 1,000 degrees Celsius at rates of 1-100 degrees Celsius per minute in pure carbon dioxide and in a mixture of steam nitrogen gas and carbon dioxide.READ MORE

California sanitation district provides regional biosolids management solution

The Ventura Regional Sanitation District in southern Ventura County, Calif., has officially commenced operations at its biosolids drying and electric generation facility in Santa Paula, a project which the utility hopes will serve as a model for other regional governments and municipalities.READ MORE

Washington companies partner to produce biochemicals from microalgae

Under a new partnership, Seattle-based Blue Marble Energy Corp. will produce its biochemicals using a supply of microalgae from algae producer Bionavitas, Redmond, Wash.READ MORE

Viaspace, Rentech to present at Pacific West Biomass Conference & Expo

Carl Kukkonen, CEO of Viaspace Inc., and Michael Fatigati, director of biomass business development for Rentech Inc., will be presenting at the Pacific West BIOMASS Conference & Expo., the first of a series of regional biomass events that Biomass Magazine is sponsoring in 2010. The conference and expo will be held Jan. 11-13 at the Hyatt Regency in Sacramento, Calif., and will focus on biomass utilization in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Nevada.READ MORE