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Posted January 8, 2010



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Global Ethanol licenses GreenShift technology

GreenShift Corp. granted Global Ethanol LLC the right to use a GreenShift patented corn oil extraction technology at Global Ethanol's 100 MMgy ethanol plant in Lakota, Iowa. The extraction technology "drills" into the back end of first-generation corn ethanol plants, tapping into the existing reserve of inedible crude corn oil. The corn oil, which has historically been trapped in the distiller's grain coproduct of ethanol production, represents a valuable second-generation feedstock for use in the production of advanced carbon-neutral liquid fuels.READ MORE

GHG regulations unfair for ethanol

On Dec. 28, the U.S. EPA closed the 60-day public commentary period for its controversial proposed rule to regulate greenhouse gases. Approximately 7,000 comments were received by the agency during the 60-day comment period and the agency must now review those comments before issuing its final rule. On Dec. 23, Growth Energy submitted a comment to the EPA on behalf of its ethanol producer members, requesting that ethanol be exempted from participating in the proposed regulation program based on the industry's existing environmentally beneficial practices.READ MORE

Swedish companies plan liquid biogas plant

Swedish AB Volvo subsidiary Terracastus Technologies and waste management firm Nordvastra Skanes Renhallningsbolag plan to jointly construct a liquid biogas plant in southern Sweden for the production of transportation fuel. In December, the two companies signed a letter of intent to begin a joint company for upgrading biogas to liquefied biogas. The first project will be located outside of Helsingborg, at the site of NSR's landfill.READ MORE

French biofuel plant will add hydrogen

A pre-industrial scale second-generation biofuel plant in Bure-Saudron, France, will be the first in the world to add external hydrogen to syngas for increased conversion efficiency. The plant is expected to produce 23,000 metric tons of biofuels per year, including biodiesel, kerosene and naphta, using about 75,000 metric tons of local forestry and agricultural resources, according to the French Atomic Energy CommissionREAD MORE

Greeley may host first large-scale digester

A city in west central Colorado is working to further pursue plans to construct a waste-to-energy facility that would utilize local agricultural and food processing waste streams to produce biogas for electricity generation, a project which could result in the state's first large-scale anaerobic digestion operation.READ MORE

´┐ŻBiomass reaction' combusts fuel from within

Biomass reaction, a patented technology by Iowa-based Kimberlin, Inc., combusts biowaste for heating or cooling in commercial spaces, and is being further developed to produce electricity. The process combusts biomass, typically animal and poultry wastes, wood fuels and agricultural materials, from within the fuel mass, with what the company calls a tornado of fire. Instead of external energy collection, the process uses the energy created from the inside of the burn.READ MORE

Legislation promotes biomass use

The Renewable Biomass Fairness Act, introduced by Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, D-S.D., and Rep. Wally Herger, R-Calif., would provide energy produced from biomass with the same tax incentives as that from wind and solar.READ MORE

Sacramento to host biomass conference

More than 400 people will gather in California's capital city next week for Biomass Magazine's Pacific West BIOMASS Conference & Expo. The event will take place January 11-13, at the Hyatt Regency Sacramento.READ MORE