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Thoughts on a global-warming-era farming economy
Posted July 24, 2008



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U.K. researchers study sugary food waste

Researchers at the University of Birmingham in Birmingham, England, are looking at whether an everyday bioprocess that occurs naturally might be harnessed to produce hydrogen on a commercial scale using sugary food waste as a feedstock.READ MORE

Tennessee launches farmer network

A new network for Tennessee farmers interested in alternative crops for biofuels and biobased products has scheduled meetings in the next two weeks. The 25Farmer Network is a program organized by AgBioworks, an initiative of the Memphis Bioworks Foundation and BioDimensions, a Memphis, Tenn.-based consulting group that is working with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture on the outreach.READ MORE

Lignol receives $2 million for cellulosic plant

Lignol Energy Corp., a Vancouver-based biorefinery technology developer, has announced that its subsidiary Lignol Innovations Ltd. has received $1.96 million as part of British Columbia's Innovative Clean Energy Fund. Lignol plans to use the grant to support the ongoing development and commercialization of its process technology that converts nonfood biomass into ethanol and other biochemical byproducts.READ MORE

CleanTech acquires biomass company

St. Louis, Mo.-based CleanTech Biofuels Inc. has signed an agreement with Biomass North America Licensing Inc. to acquire the company through a merger. With the acquisition, CleanTech Biofuels will have exclusive rights to use the proprietary and patent-pending technology developed by the owners of Biomass North America Licensing, as well as licensed technology for the production of cellulosic biomass from municipal solid waste (MSW) in the United States and Canada.READ MORE

Gulf Ethanol opens R&D facility

Houston-based Gulf Ethanol Corp. has opened its first research and development facility to focus on perfecting its process to create a cellulosic powder from biomass that can be used in the production of ethanol.READ MORE

Verenium technology to be used in Asia

Cambridge, Mass.-based Verenium Corp., a cellulosic ethanol enzyme developer and producer, is collaborating with Tokyo-based Marubeni Corp. to continue the advancement of cellulosic ethanol facilities in Asia.READ MORE

Anaerobic digestion project receives funding

Tarrytown, N.Y.-based Environmental Power Corp., along with its subsidiary Microgy Inc., has received an allocation from the California Debt Limit Allocation Committee for up to $26.1 million to support the financing of its Bar 20 renewable natural gas (RNG) project, which will consist of large-scale anaerobic digestors processing manure into natural gas.READ MORE

Pennsylvania releases woody biomass guidelines

Pennsylvania's Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has released a 50-page document containing guidelines for harvesting woody biomass for alternative energy sources.READ MORE

Fulcrum to use InEnTec technology in Nevada

Fulcrum Bioenergy Inc. recently announced its plans to build the first commercial-scale waste-to-energy plant using proprietary waste conversion technology from Bend, Ore.-based InEnTec LLC.READ MORE

DuPont Danisco joins UT cellulosic ethanol project

The University of Tennessee Biofuels Initiative has shifted its partnership from Mascoma Corp. to DuPont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol LLC to construct a pilot-scale cellulosic ethanol plant in Vonore, Tenn. The University of Tennessee Research Foundation, through Genera Energy LLC, announced the change July 23.READ MORE