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Mapping Out the Biomass Power Market
Posted February 19, 2010



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CARB forms expert work group on ILUC

The California Air Resources Board has appointed 30 people to an expert workgroup that will meet for the first time Feb. 26. The workgroup will look at, among other things, indirect land use change as included in the state's low carbon fuel standard.READ MORE

Georgia Biomass will ship pellets to Europe

Once operational in early 2011, Georgia Biomass in Waycross, Ga., will have the capacity to produce 750,000 tons of wood pellets per year from local timber sources. The pellets will be shipped from the port in Savannah, Ga., to Europe and used in biomass power plants owned by German utility RWE Innogy, as well as co-fired in coal plants, according to RWE.READ MORE

Genetic discovery may increase plant biomass

Scientists at the University of Manchester have identified two genes that cause plants to grow outward and believe the research could be used to increase the biomass of trees used to produce bioenergy and for other purposes.READ MORE

SG Biofuels unveils jatropha cultivar

California-based SG Biofuels has launched JMax 100, a proprietary cultivar of jatropha optimized for growing conditions in Guatemala with yields 100 percent greater than existing varieties, according to the company.READ MORE

Enerkem secures Waste Management as investor

Canadian cellulosic ethanol producer Enerkem Inc. has attracted a new investor-North American waste and environmental services giant Waste Management Inc. Enerkem announced the closing of a new round of financing-CDN $53.8 million (U.S. $50.9 million)-which comes from the company's existing institutional investors Rho Ventures, Braemar Energy Ventures and BDR Capital, as well as first-time investors Waste Management and Cycle Capital.READ MORE

Lignol, Novozymes team up

Vancourver-based Lignol Energy Corp. has signed a memorandum of understanding with enzyme giant Novozymes and the two companies have established the framework of a multiyear collaboration agreement to optimize the latest generation of Novozymes' enzymes for use in Lignol's cellulosic biofuel process.READ MORE

Dynamotive, BlueLeaf complete two-year biochar trial

Biochar technology company Dynamotive Energy Systems Corp. and environmental research company BlueLeaf Inc. have completed the second round of field trials testing various effects of commercial-scale plantings of wood waste-derived biochar.READ MORE