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Promises and challenges
Posted July 31, 2008



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Alabama town partners with Gulf Coast Energy

The town of Hoover, Ala., is sending its wood waste to Gulf Coast Energy in Livingston, Ala., to produce ethanol. In return, Hoover will receive fuel to run the city's vehicles.READ MORE

Study: Gaps in second generation biofuels

A U.S. DOE international study identifying research gaps in transportation fuels has been published by the International Energy Agency. "Gaps in the Research of Second Generation Transportation Biofuels" was initiated by Larry Russo with the Office of Biomass Program, and led by Dr. Michael Ladisch of Purdue University.READ MORE

Second anaerobic digester receives funds

Tarrytown, N.Y.-based Environmental Power Corp., along with its subsidiary Microgy Grand Island LLC, has completed financing involving the sale of $7 million of tax-exempt bonds issued by the city of Grand Island, Neb. The proceeds from the bonds will be used to finance construction of the Grand Island anaerobic digestion project near a JBS Swift & Co. beef processing plant in Grand Island, Neb.READ MORE

Swedes discuss biomass use with Minnesotans

A delegation from the city of V�xj�, Sweden, is visiting Duluth, Minn., this week to share how V�xj� uses biomass for heat and has been dubbed "The Greenest City in Europe." V�xj� Mayor Bo Frank met with Duluth Mayor Don Ness and other city officials, the Duluth Chamber of Commerce and gave a presentation to the public about how V�xj� aims to become a fossil-fuel-free city.READ MORE

Company to use sugarcane-based ethanol

Industrial Biotechnology Corp. has formed a subsidiary, Renewable Chemicals Corp., to produce chemicals utilizing sugarcane-based ethanol. The Sarasota, Fla., company intends to produce renewable chemicals for the packaging, energy, agricultural, pesticide, materials and polymer industries using Industrial Biotechnology's ALCHEMx Production Platform.READ MORE

Verenium, Scion receive research grant

Cambridge, Mass-based Verenium Corp. and its research partner Scion, a New Zealand-based Crown Research Institute, have received a three-year $5.4 million grant from the New Zealand Foundation for Research, Science and Technology. Funding is expected to begin in October and will be used to continue research under development by the New Zealand Lignocellulosic Bioethanol Initiative, which is a trans-Pacific research collaboration.READ MORE

Alliance for Sustainable Energy to manage NREL

The U.S. DOE has selected the Alliance for Sustainable Energy LLC to be the next management contractor for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL is the nation's primary laboratory for renewable energy and energy efficiency research and development, with the goal of advancing U.S. energy goals. The laboratory conducts research in many areas, including biomass, wind, geothermal, and photovoltaics.READ MORE

DOE, USDA award cellulosic feedstock grants

Ten grants totaling more than $10 million are being awarded to universities and research institutes in an effort to accelerate fundamental research in the development of cellulosic biofuels.READ MORE

Neste Oil reports healthy renewable diesel margins

Neste Oil Corp. reported strong profits in its second quarter financial presentation July 31, partially due to what the company described as healthy margins in their renewables division.READ MORE

USDA will not release CRP acres penalty free

The USDA has decided not to allow the early release of Conservation Reserve Program acres without penalty to landowners. Just over 34 million acres are enrolled in the CRP, which pays landowners an annual rent to idle environmentally fragile land for 10 years or more.READ MORE